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Traditional Indian Classical Music

Posted by mansoor on June 12th, 2020

India has been a land of rich culture and tradition, a melting pot of civilizations and communities. Little wonder that the country has been a center of attraction for travelers from around the world coming here to experience the rich legacy of art, culture and tradition of this land. Traditional Indian Music is one of the predominant components of the county’s rich gifts to the world.

Indian music is a robust and powerful medium of expressing one’s mood - happy, romantic, devotional, calm/soothed, angry, longing/yearning, tensed/restless, and sad. The notes(sur) and the rhythm(taal) are components capable enough to carry the performer and the listener into a transcendental experience of the powers of sound!

Sudhanshu Sharma has been one of the performers and teachers trying to experiment, enquire and awaken the mood inherent in Traditional Indian music. He believes that Ragas are the solid melodic structures standing behind our music. He believes that acquiring the mastery of a raga has three steps – the first one is getting acquainted and taking hold of the notes(sur) incorporated in the raga. Next we have the task of practicing the notes repeatedly to assimilate them into our mind and action. The last and the final step, which is also a never-ending journey, is to blend the sounds and rhythm into one’s Soul. The ceaseless communion among the notes, thought and processed cleverly in the mind and then let out through the heart – the step-by-step process of formulating the vastness and the grandeur of a Raga.

As a teacher, Sudhanshu Sharma holds the opinion that the rich legacy of Indian classical Music can be preserved and propagated through a prolonged and rapid communication between the teacher and the student, studying and practicing together in solitude. That’s the reason he has come up with beautiful retreats of music where he and his students get to spend weeks together, trying to understand and master the intricacies of this vast art. His retreats are traditional to the core and even in places like Paris, Sydney, Beirut and Melbourne he has been able to provide the audience with a lavish serving of Indian art and culture through his music and teachings. Being traditional with a dash of modernity is a cool thing to do, he says. People join his retreats from every part of the world and are treated to awesome experience of traditionality and Indian Music, carrying back rich and cherished memories to last a lifetime. The journey continues….

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