Vibrant organic clothes can make the ultimate style statement

Posted by juliabennet on December 22nd, 2012

Your style should not only reflect how good you look in something, but also reflect your modern thinking. ’Go Green’ in style this season with vibrant organic clothes. Make the ultimate style statement by endorsing the eco-friendly organic fibres while looking great. Your style statement does not only revolve around you but what your kids wear also reflects what you think and believe in. If you are a health-freak and an environment enthusiast, go for organic newborn clothes for the little ones as well.

One often feels that going the ’organic way’ might reduce the choices that you have at bright colours and designs but that is not true anymore. Nowadays, vibrant organic clothes are easily available as low-impact and eco-friendly dyes are available in abundance. Yes, the costs are marginally higher than their non-organic counterparts but the advantages make it worthwhile for sure. Especially for organic newborn clothes, you would want vibrant and bright colours to make your little ones look as cute as possible. With the non-toxic and environment-friendly dyes coming up in the market, this is no longer impossible. You can have all the fun in dressing up your baby in vibrant colours while ensuring that the clothes are absolutely free from harmful toxins of any kind.

Organic newborn clothes are available in the most attractive designs and styles. While they give your baby the ultimate comfort which only cotton can, they also make sure what your baby wears is absolutely free from cancer-inducing pesticides and insecticides. Non-organic cotton is known to consume almost 22.5 per cent of the total insecticides used in farming globally. These persistent chemicals which are used for killing the pest which damage the cotton crop actually seep into the environment in various forms. They are non-biodegradable and hence continue to rotate in the environment and enter the human bodies in some form or the other and cause irreparable damage. You certainly do not want your baby to come in contact with such harmful toxic chemicals in any form. Organic fibre is thus immensely popular in clothing for babies, toddlers and children.

Designers are coming up with the very swanky and vibrant organic clothes for all age groups. Earlier organic clothing was associated with just natural colours and shades but with experiments and efforts, more and more non-toxic dyes are being used in the fashion industry to come up with clothes which are ’organic’ yet extremely stylish.Organic newborn clothes have become a complete ’hit’ with consciousness about environment and sustainability rising amongst the global citizen.

Using organic fibre is not just restricted to vibrant organic clothes. In fact, organic textiles are being used in making all sorts of home furnishings like bed sheets, bed covers, towels, bathrobes, bedding and blankets, and not to forget organic newborn clothes. Anything which comes in close and prolonged contact with the human skin should ideally be made from organic products. A lot of sanitary products, make-up removal pads, face-wipes, tissues, etc. also use organic fibre. This is a very healthy practice even though it turns out to be a bit expensive.

Organic newborn clothes are the most healthy option for you little ones. Designers are coming up with extremely cool, swanky and vibrant organic clothes for people of all age groups and fashion sensibilities.

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