Different Designer Ties to Select From

Posted by tiesnsuch on December 24th, 2012

When somebody visits a store for finding a necktie, they can notice vast range of options available. The dilemma of which one to buy crops up which can be solved by deciding the purpose of purchase. If the necktie has to be bought for an event or for an occasion, then designer ties can be considered.

Solid colour ties are the simplest types of designer ties. They are the most basic ones having one single colour all over it. They may appear to bore to some because they may not bear any pattern as such, however, presents that elegant look to its wearer. Also, they may contain some light pattern which might not be very prominent. They are good for people who like to keep things simple and straight.

Striped tie is something that is very popular and has been also used in schools from a long time. It is one of those eye pleasing patterns that can be used to wear in daily routine. Office going professionals can opt for this one in order to have that trendy look along with the professional look. Depending upon the colour and the density of checks, these checked ties also presents the different looks to its wearer. They are suitable for events as well as for daily wear. The checks can be very small in size or very big ones. Smaller checks give a more formal feeling than thousands of smaller checks.

Another thing used to patterning is repetition of some particular design and such ties are called as geometric ties. They use one shape only, and that shape is repeated all over the tie. It could be a simple geometrical shape or a simple design like that of a snowflake etc. Geometric ties look better on silk stuff. Mens silk ties look very elegant and give an elite feeling. One can flaunt them in parties very comfortably. Paisley design is also used in ties. It consists of some tear drop shape printed all over the tie. They are not generally used in places like office and corporate events. They can even be used on a holiday if appropriate colour is chosen. They are the best ones for experimentation and can give different vibes according to the way they are carried.

There are so many variations of designs, but there is not one design, which can suit everybody in every situation. People can experiment with skinny ties and jeans and make endless combinations look different. In the end, it's all about personal preferences. Internet shopping can help people in checking out such wide variety of neckties.

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