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Obama's Health Care Reform - A "Boomer" Sign?

Posted by wilsonlily49 on June 13th, 2020

Sign Company King of Prussia PA is one of the newest and most prominent sign companies to come on the scene in this recessionary economy.Sign Manufacturer Lancaster PA This is the sign company that got the media's attention when it came out with a billboard announcing that Obama's health care reform would not cover "baby boomers."

The billboard by the Sign Company King of Prussia PA was deleted, but they say that this was not the case. This is another sign company that got its act together and realized that the government could take care of the elderly and the poor, not just those who are old and wealthy. This company may be overstating its case a bit, but it's not doing anything out of the ordinary.

The billboard advertising is getting attention, especially among families and close friends of the people who will be hit with higher health care costs later on, but some critics think that it goes too far. There is a good chance that their claims are not correct, so what exactly is it that some sign companies are saying about people like me?

My wife and I live in Philadelphia, which is just about two hours from the city, and our home is in the same area as a large health care facility that has a kids' birthday party every year. Our son and his friends bring hundreds of dollars worth of party supplies every year. This facility has a policy where they won't cover any of these costs.

Amanda's parents own a small store next door to the children's hospital. This is where my wife gets about a third of her income.

One day last year, our son and some of his friends went to the children's hospital, and the sign company claims that Amanda and her parents paid them to put up the sign that said they wouldn't cover the expenses. The hospital sent the sign company a letter saying that they were allowed to do this, and the company agreed.

The hospital and the sign company didn't get into any other technical issues such as who pays for the content of the billboard, or who should pay for the billboard itself. They made no accusations as to the content of the sign that they put up or about any of the legalities involved in getting someone to pay for something that they didn't create.

All they wanted was for people to know that the hospital could take care of Amanda and her parents, not the sign company. And they didn't accuse the sign company of trying to scam them. They just wanted to set the record straight.

Now, it should be noted that my wife's parents are quite wealthy, and Amanda's father is quite the physician. In fact, his patients can expect to see him at least four times a week. It would be hard to say that Amanda's parents are anything but the type of people who wouldn't mind covering a hospital bill.

However, the hospital tells us that they have had problems with medical malpractice lawsuits being filed by people who had been in a car accident while Amanda was in the hospital, and a person in a wheelchair who was not a patient of the hospital. That doesn't mean that the hospital is also guilty of negligence, but it does call into question the billboard advertising done by the sign company.

The hospital is saying that they are not guilty of malpractice, but they have no choice but to drop the lawsuit since it is an expensive and time-consuming matter. It appears that the hospital realizes that they will have to cut some corners to survive in this economic climate, and they can't afford to take on a bunch of medical malpractice cases.

The court's decision to allow the hospital to take the billboard advertising down is a victory for the sign company and a slap in the face for the people who feel that they were defrauded. It certainly makes you wonder if it is ever acceptable to lie in the face of adversity.

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