How to Use and Maintain Lace Wigs That Are in Vogue Now?

Posted by AmandaTom on December 25th, 2012

 Lace rugs have become quite popular now-a-days thanks to the celebrities who wear these wigs on several occasions and pose for fashion photography. As a result, the hairstylists have come up with more trendy lace wigs are in vogue now. From teenagers to middle-aged work-at-home moms, from working professionals to sportswomen, many women of all ages are showing interest in these wigs. However, many women do not know how to use these wigs properly and how to take regular care. If you are opting for lace wig for enhancing your appearance, you should keep in mind that these artificial wigs are as delicate as biological hair. If you do not take adequate care, your investment would go in vain. Here below is how you should use and maintain a wig like this.

Before using the wig

If you purchase a sealer that would protect the wig from skin rashes and sweat, it will last long. The sealer will prevent the hair from unnecessary getting knotted with each other as well. The lace wigs are strengthened with the use of these sealers. You should brush the artificial hair regularly and also spray it on the sealant to let it dry. You should d this at least two to three times while using newly bought wig. Later, make it a practice to do this once in a day. You should also wash your lace wig every day before using it.

During using

You should apply some basic tricks to keep the wig intact and look beautiful while you wear it. Lace wigs should be kept safeguarded against natural calamities such as storm or extreme heat. What you can do is to wrap up your wig with a silk cap so that it does not get affected by extreme weather conditions. On the other hand, you should comb your artificial hair with wide-tooth one and not with one that come with densely set teeth. This way, you can prevent hair shedding and also the cuticles will not shed after regular intervals. Always opt for organic lace full wigs as these are less fragile than the synthetic ones. However, if you get a good design, you can buy synthetic lace wig as well. Maintenance is almost the same.

After using

You should buy a lace wig adhesive remover so that you can remove the wig when not required at ease. Do not try to use soap or alcohol for removing the wig.  Instead, use an adhesive remover to get rid of the wig. These adhesive removers do not even affect natural hair. Also buy shampoos that are only meant for wigs. Some companies that sell these wigs also offer adhesives and other products.

If you can maintain your wig properly, it will last no less than one year. However, you should also keep in mind that quality products are rarely found. Choose an online dealer that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). After finding a trustworthy retailer online, check out all the lace wigs that are offered by them and take a wise purchasing decision.

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