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How to take care of your mental health?

Posted by Mords1944 on June 13th, 2020

Mental health is simply the state of successful performance of all our mental functions. This is difficult to describe, but when you are mentally healthy, you can successfully carry out your daily activities and are able to handle a healthy interpersonal relationship, be able to cope with change, and manage diversity. While in our normal everyday life we ​​don't see what mental health is all about, we are only curious once we notice something is wrong or the absence of good mental health and even most of the time we choose to ignore that.

Good mental health is something most of us have ignored, while we notice a slight headache that we ignore when recognizing sudden mood swings, low levels of tolerance, being gloomy and blue all the time as a sign that something may be. be wrong with our mental health. More people around the world suffer from mental illness than is understood, in the United States alone each year, about 6% of the population suffers from one form or another of depression, and depression is just one of many mental disorders that exist. Most of the time our failure to recognize this is because we are unaware or ashamed to admit that "something is wrong with my mind."

Is mental health separable from physical health?

Although it is popularly believed that mental and physical health are separated in most cases, mental illness is caused by some physiological changes in the body, and in fact, many cases of depression in women are caused at the time of menopause or in men when they are going through the nights when they do not get enough sleep due to work pressures. The body goes through stress and is fatigued by it, and so the mind also reacts and develops some kind of disorder.
On the contrary it is more obvious and when people's mental health deteriorates, the body takes its toll and that is more visible.
What this essentially means is that taking care of ourselves physically is also an important aspect of maintaining our mental health.

Public attitude towards mental health and illness

Even in developed societies like the United States, where there are a wealth of sources of information and anyone can simply go online and take self-tests to see if they have some type of mental disorder, a large number of cases go unreported. . This is due to public opinion that mental health is a fact and there is a certain degree of stigma associated with the fact that a person's Mental Health Podcast suffers for one reason or another.

Therefore, people suffering from one type of disorder will go through a long phase of denial in which they refuse to acknowledge that something seems out of the ordinary. This will result in patients developing multiple disorders that will be more difficult to cure or even diagnose. It will also cause the disorder to take hold more deeply and will also make it much more difficult to cure.

Use the Internet

Awareness is the key to combating mental illness, awareness of the fact that more people than you can imagine suffer from it at one time or another in their lives and awareness of the fact that once diagnosed it can be easily treated. through a combination of conversation. therapy and medication.
The Internet is a good source of information and you must learn how to use it for its best use. The first step is to understand what changes in behavior you are experiencing, which is possible for most people in the early stages. The next step after making a list of symptoms is to take some self-diagnostic tests that you can do anonymously and see where it leads. There are a large number of mental disorders and chances are that after taking some of these tests you will be specifically led to one or the other. Then you can do a more in-depth study about it and even if you think you don't need to visit the doctor at least once to check if you have that particular disorder, something else, or just a false alarm.

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