Do you actually need niche website design?

Posted by juliabennet on December 25th, 2012

What is niche website design and why do you need it? There are so many lawyer websites to be seen. Has niche designing been done for all of them? The answer to the last question is "no". Not all lawyers and law firms get into niche designing of their websites. But if the performance of these websites is tracked you may see that quite a few of them don’t perform the way they should. In hindsight it has to be said that niche websites do a better job than those other websites.

What is niche website design? Well, to put it simply – if you want to showcase one specific legal practice then you get a niche website done for you. For example, if someone practices DUI as their primary legal job then they would have a whole webpage dedicated to DUI. This is what most sensible lawyers do.

What about those lawyers and law firms that practice multiple types of law? How do they get niche lawyer websites done? A law firm, for example, will have two lawyers practicing criminal law, four lawyers practicing real estate law and two more lawyers practicing divorce law. How would they manage niche designing of their website?

The answer is simple – there will be one URL for the law firm and there will be different web pages for all these lines of practice. This means that there will be one webpage for criminal law, one webpage for real estate law and one webpage for divorce law. A visitor will be directed to the appropriate webpage depending on what they searched for.

It is more marketing than niche website design that works in such cases. An SEO expert will create separate keywords, page titles and content for all these web pages and each of these pages will be submitted to Google as separate URLs. So, even when the website has a common URL there will be separate URLs for all the three web pages. When someone is looking for a criminal lawyer and they see the criminal law webpage listed on Google they will click on it. They will not be taken to the homepage of the website but rather to the criminal law webpage directly. This will ensure that the visitor doesn’t waste time looking for the link to the criminal law page. They will be there directly and call up one of the two criminal lawyers of the firm. This is how niche designing for lawyer websites is done.

Standardization is one of the aspects of lawyer websites that you should be aware of. There are some proven tactics that make these websites tick. You ought to be aware of these standard tactics and utilize the concepts in your website designing. While it may be too much for you to spend time on this what you should do is hire a web designing expert with experience in designing websites for lawyers and law firms. They will do niche website design for your website and make it work for your firm.

Is niche website design applicable for all lawyer websites?

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