Now you can rock any party with your own music created using DJ samples

Posted by GiulyRotarry on December 25th, 2012

Are you bored of listening to the same old songs which your friends keep repeating at their parties? Well, if you have the creativity, moderate knowledge of the computer music-making software and access to DJ samples online, you can be the new DJ in the block and rock the party in your own style. Using the online sample libraries, you can get access to the best electro samples to make the most awesome electro music and create new ‘sound’ waves amongst your friend circle.

Great DJ samples are available online nowadays at very reasonable prices. If you are looking at electro samples, techno samples, house samples or trance samples for making the kind of music which is making waves nowadays at clubs and discotheques then all you need to do is search online for the right websites. You can hear the demos on the website and order the set of samples that you need. These can be downloaded directly from the websites or if you don’t want to waste bandwidth then you can have them delivered at your door-step.

DJ samples being available to musicians easily have revolutionized the music scene. One no longer needs to be able to play the particular instruments whose sound they want to use in their tracks and neither do they have to spend huge amounts in commissioning artists to play them in recording studios and then taking samples from there for their tracks. If you want to make an electro track, all you need to do is to get the right electro samples and then use them in the software to create brilliant music.

This certainly doesn’t mean that just about anybody can become a DJ. Using the samples, which are basically just raw pieces of sounds from various instruments or vocal samples and stringing them together to make it integrate into a brilliant track does not come easily to just about everyone. The DJs who make the charts and touch the audience’s heart are certainly gifted. In fact, with sampling becoming increasingly common and easily accessible, the competition is increasing even more. Unless the track happens to impress the audience and makes them remember the tracks, it is of no use. So getting the correct DJ samples is absolutely important, but certainly not the prerequisite.

Electro samples are really popular nowadays as electro music is very in vogue. When we say ‘electronic music’ we don’t just mean electronica. Electronica is just a sub-genre of electro music which is not necessarily dance music although a lot of electronica is played in clubs and discotheques.

Electro samples can be used in creating any music which could fall in the sub-genres of electronic music which includes ambient, breakbeat, disco, house, downtempo, drum and bass, techno, industrial or even electro rock. Electro bass and electro leads are popular in this category. All DJ samples that are used in your track must be of good quality and have the clarity that good sampling brings about otherwise your track loses its ‘feel’ even if your vision for it is very good.

Innovative and original DJ samples can be found online for you to pump your imagination and help you make trend-setting music. Electro samples can be used to make amazing electro tracks which can energize every person present in the party.

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