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Home Owners: Shingle Roofing Kits

Posted by wilsonlily49 on June 13th, 2020

If you live in Newport KY, there are several choices Roofing Inspection Newport KY of shingles and poles available. You can take advantage of the many different styles and materials to create a custom look for your home that suits your needs. You may want a shingle style with a stone or metal tip.

In fact, with a few tools, you can do it yourself with a modern look. You can purchase a shingle kit from a home improvement store and install the roof yourself, but it's easy to do the job yourself using some basic tools. You can use a belt sander, a hand held power sander, a hand held brush, a flat washer, a hammer, nails, and one last thing - a rubber mallet.

Start by laying out the shingles on the ground to make sure they are all the same size and the perimeter is evenly spaced along the length of the roof. Make sure the center of the shingles is a number of inches higher than the highest part of the rafters. You will need to use a tape measure to measure from one shingle to the next.

Pick up the first shingle and mark its distance from the roof edge using a pencil. Hold the shingle at the edge of the roof. Hold the shingle end on the lower rafter that has the groove you want to install the shingle. Lay the shingle down at the point you want to install the shingle, push the shingle into the groove, slide the other end of the shingle through the grove, and replace the shingle.

Using the tip of the hammer, tap the shingle into place. Use your hand held brush or roller to spread adhesive around the shingle area. Don't apply the adhesive too much at a time, it will lead to uneven edges. It'better to have the shingles installed a little bit loose than to have them so tight that they trap wind and water.

Position the roof so that the shingles extend across the top of the roof and slightly out past the ridge line. Drive the shingles down into the grooves of the roof so that they line up with the ridge line. Mark this with a pencil. Trim the shingles with a utility knife and place them on the roof so they overlap and settle in just slightly over the ridge line.

Drive the second shingle down into the first and position it so that it matches the shingle laying down earlier. Mark the shingle distance from the ridge line. Cut the shingles, pull them down, and replace them.

You should also use a spacer between the shingles to hold them in place. Trim the shingles into place with a hand held sander.

Replace the shingles by taking each shingle one at a time and driving it into the grove of the roof. To ensure even, drive the shingles as a unit until they meet and make sure the shingles sit correctly in the groves.

Repeat this process until the ridge line is covered. Trim the shingles into place with a utility knife, using just a little extra pressure to make sure they are completely level.

Place a foam under the shingle edge to help with air flow. Install the riser grille, nail it to the ridge, and then pull the rest of the roofing together with a nail gun.

It takes a little practice and looking for the right tips before you can install shingles yourself. If you are able to do it yourself, it will be easy and well worth the effort.

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