Guild Wars 2 Wintersday celebration officially kicks off, Lion's Arch now a wint

Posted by n280668993 on December 26th, 2012

ArenaNet has finally released the massive Guild Wars 2 update we've been waiting all day for. That's right, Wintersday is officially here, at least for those lucky few who've managed to get through the patching without a hitch; we stress the word "few. "

Minutes ago, a new build became available, and the update is much bigger than the Halloween one (not surprisingly). Our advice? Open your client and just let it do its thing. Go grab dinner or something. Check out a movie. Pretty sure Guild Wars 2 will still be patching (and crashing) when you get back.

The full schedule of Wintersday events can be found on the game's website. Over the course of several days, Toymaker Tixx will be traveling around Tyria in his gigantic and incredibly terrifying floating golem ship, hitting one city at a time. During the celebration's final days, Tixx will arrive in Lion's Arch.

ArenaNet also released a trailer for Guild Wars 2's very first Wintersday, which you can watch here. And remember that everyone is trying to grab the update, so don't freak out if your client needs a few tries. is a Specialized Guild Wars 2 Gold store,we sell D3 Gold,you can buy Safe and cheap Diablo 3 Power leveling from us.

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