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Posted by ifrevolunteers1 on December 26th, 2012

A Nonprofit organization has to look into both national and international issues and with developing countries suffering from so many issues; it is not possible for any such company being inactive. However, the major problem with the organizations is to provide volunteers who would work abroad and tackle relevant issues with compassion and care. The volunteer in Costa Rica, Africa, Asia and other places has to be active and ready to do whatever job is assigned to them.

It has been researched and proved by experts that volunteering has a lot of benefits of the development process. If you encourage your teenage son or daughter to volunteer in Panama or any such country where development is still to come, they will get to know about the pain of the people and would be aware of the issues prevailing in the world. It is also noticed that teenagers are active and compassionate, and they would be better volunteers than adults in many cases. They tend to understand the problem that lies within and the solution that comes up from them are fresh and new. This new thinking can make them smarter and wiser and empathetic to the humanity irrespective of race, country and color.

Though it is possible to get volunteers in the USA, it is not that easy to get a single volunteer in Nepal, South Africa and many developing countries. Adults are not always ready to travel, or they are too busy to serve people. On the other hand, teenagers always search for a good summer project that would let them learn new things while having fun. There can be groups of kids where each would know the other one. The teenagers can join a nonprofit organization individually and choose to work with different people. They can be sent to volunteer in South Africa, India, Nepal or any such place where they can observe the real issue. There will always be someone to guide them and let them understand their job.

There are several nonprofit organizations in America that provide an opportunity to the teenagers to volunteer in Panama, Nepal and other such countries. Though the climate conditions are different in each of the countries, they make their volunteer physically prepared and provide vaccines to stay away from diseases. Some of such organization's recruiting volunteer in South Africa and other countries are found on the World Wide Web. Check out for their offers and packages and choose the best company to work with.

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IFRE is a nonprofit organization based in Dallas, Texas, USA. They founded IFRE’s volunteering abroad program in 2005 after realizing the need for safe and affordable volunteer abroad programs. So far, nearly 3000 volunteers have participated in their meaningful volunteer programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America. IFRE is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has multiple offices with 100+ experienced field employees throughout the 18 developing countries we support in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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