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Pull Up Benefits - 8 Exciting Exercise Advantages

Posted by reedcooper on June 14th, 2020

The pull up exercise is considered to be one the best muscle building and strength training exercises. Don't feel left out or intimidated if you're out of shape and can't imagine doing even one repetition - There are several variations by using portable pull up bars that make it much easier to perform, and allow you to gradually transition to the standard technique.

My goal with this article is to explain the numerous advantages of this classic movement and illustrate why it is literally one of the best exercises you can perform. If it's not already a staple exercise in your fitness regimen or weight lifting routine, then get ready to make that change.

Pull ups are "closed kinetic chain exercises" (CKC exercises). That is, they involve lifting your body and any added weight by using your hands or feet (which are in a fixed position). Other examples include push-ups, squats, and dips. This type of exercise is generally seen as superior to "open kinetic chain exercises" in regards to safety and strength and performance results.

Pull Up Benefits. Pull-ups are especially effective in producing results that improve everything from aesthetics to performance to physiological health.

  1. Stimulate & Develop More Muscles. As a CKC exercise, you can simultaneously hit opposing muscles to a greater degree (e.g. you hit biceps and triceps significantly).
  2. Improve Balance & Core Strength. As a CKC exercise, another advantage is improved training of core and stabilizing muscles (e.g. you have to balance and control the rest of your body while lowering and then pulling your body back up).
  3. Simplicity. The correct technique is easy to learn, yet the exercise can yield remarkable results in the upper body. As mentioned earlier, there are other easy-to-learn technique variations that allow you to make the exercise more manageable if you are not yet strong enough.
  4. At Home or On the Go. Probably the most practical pull up benefit is that this essential upper body exercise can easily be done... just about anywhere. You do not any traditional fitness equipment; you simply need a bar or anything that you can hold onto with enough clearance above it for your head (even a tree branch works!).
  5. Build Upper Body Muscle & Strength. This exercise develops several muscle groups, including the back, upper chest, forearms and the upper arms and deltoids (even the glutes and abs to an extent). This exercise allows you to continuously progress since you use bodyweight, but can also add external weight when you need a challenge; thus, you have the potential to build muscle fast.
  6. Carryover Benefits. Once you get the hang of the technique (which is relatively simple) and gradually increase your sets and reps, you will find that all other upper body exercises follow suit, and become noticeably easier (e.g. bent over rows, deadlifts). But you don't get stronger with just pulling exercises - You also gain strength on big pushing movements such as bench presses and overhead presses.
  7. Fighting, Wrastlin' & Climbing Skills. You'll benefit dramatically if are into MMA, rock climbing or any other sport that incorporates a lot of pulling, gripping or grappling movements. Even if you aren't associated with such sports, these types of movements can be vital in life or death situations. (E.g. battling 100 ninjas on your way to work; or simply hanging onto the edge of cliff with one hand while using the other to dial for help on your cell phone.;-D )
  8. Posture Improvement & Pain Alleviation. If you spend several hours per day sitting down and/or hunched over, then it's likely that your back muscles are weak and stretched out while your chest muscles are tight and inflexible: This is one (of many) recipe for bad posture. But the pull up exercise most intensely targets the upper and middle back muscles, as well the rear deltoids (i.e. rear shoulder). Therefore, this and other pulling exercises (e.g. rows, deads) can treat and prevent the common muscle imbalances - between the front/rear deltoids and the back/chest muscles - which are known to cause posture deficiencies and slew of related issues (e.g. back and neck injuries and chronic pain).

 After having explained the gamut of pull up benefits, I have hopefully convinced you of the efficacy of this movement. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned weight lifter, competitive bodybuilder or a health-conscious stay-at-home parent - Anyone can experience the laundry list of advantages that come from consistently performing pull ups as part of your regimen.

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