Five Golden Rules of Web Design for Ecommerce Ventures

Posted by maryparker on December 28th, 2012

Web stores should not be too artsy and should provide ample scope for easy navigation and the colour scheme should also be elegantly simple. Many web design professionals do not put emphasis on usability factors while designing e-commerce websites which leads to high bounce rate and low conversion of web traffic. From an aesthetic point of view, flash-based and complex designs may seem too attractive, but as far as the usability factor is concerned, these designs are not good for ecommerce websites. In order to make an ecommerce website successful and to generate sales, you need to design it in a user-friendly manner. Here below are five golden rules of ecommerce web design which you should read before starting your next project.

Make the shopping cart easily accessible

Customers should be able to add items to their cart whenever they want to and one of the basic rules of web design for ecommerce sites is to make the shopping cart easily accessible from any corner of the online storefront. You should keep the shopping cart button on every page of your website. The purpose is to make the shopping process easy and hassle-free for prospective customers. The icon or button should be attractive and suggestive. You can also use pop-ups.

Integrate auto-complete function

The search field which the customers are likely to use pretty often should have an auto-complete feature. This is because the online purchasers are rather impatient and they just love it when auto-fill suggestions appear as they type in specific search terms. There are ecommerce web design masters who make intelligent use of jQuery to integrate the auto-complete feature.

Ensure easy navigation

Your customers should not be blockaded to visit the nook and corner of your website. The third golden rule of e-business web design is to ensure that the customers can get easy access to all the pages and also they can easily find what they are looking for. Drop-down menus coupled with clean sitemap can make this happen. A proficient web designer can make online shopping a pleasant experience for you.

Smart product preview

Web surfers love glancing through rather than getting into the details. They want to browse through the products easily and complete the shopping process by spending few clicks. If you can display your products in an organized manner with smart preview options, you can easily leverage sales through ecommerce marketing. Ecommerce web design experts also recommend using auto-zoom feature to help customers get preview of the products easily.

Clean checkout

Checkout is the final stage of online shopping. Your web design efforts would go in vain if you cannot design the checkout page in a clean manner and keep the process simple as well. A customer should never feel that he cannot complete his shopping just because the process is too complex. Provide easy-to-fill-in form so that the customers can key in essential details. Express your sincere gratitude on the next page. Define refund policies unambiguously.

In a nutshell, ecommerce web design is all about ensuring user convenience and aims at generating sales in the most cost-effective way.

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