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Posted by AngeloEverton on December 28th, 2012

Of all the gemstones that are popularly used in making jewellery ruby is perhaps the most famous. Yes, diamonds are more famous and cherished more and rubies are considered in the same category as emeralds and sapphires. But together these are the big four in the gemstone jewellery world. While each of these stones has their unique qualities ruby stands out simply because of its higher association with royalty. Ruby is considered to be a royal gemstone and it has been a preferred gemstone for the royalty down the ages. Ruby engagement rings are considered among the best in the world. When a woman gets a ruby ring she is, well, speechless with pleasure.

What is there in ruby engagement rings that make them so special? Think of a gold engagement ring with a large, single piece of ruby studded in the middle of it. Can you see it? The mere thought of it will give you shivers. The contrast between the yellow colour of the gold and the blood red colour of the ruby is a sight to behold. Such a ruby ring could be mightily expensive but you cannot judge it with its monetary value. It offers much more than the money that you gave paid for it.

There are other different styles in ruby engagement rings and this is thanks to the various shapes in which rubies are available. A ruby can be cut as a perfect sphere and such a stone can be used in a solitaire ring. Diamonds are what people think of when they think of a solitaire ring but a large ruby in the centre of the ring is bound to leave everyone spellbound. Rubies can also be cut into oval shapes and can be used in some other style of engagement rings. Then there is the option of one large ruby in the centre that is surrounded by smaller rubies.

The colour of ruby is such that it can be matched with other precious gemstones. Rubies and diamonds or rubies and emeralds or rubies and sapphires match perfectly and fantastic looking ruby engagement rings can be created with these combinations.

Everyone thinks of diamonds when they consider an engagement ring. But you can create that special with a ruby ring for engagement. Believe me your intended is going to love this gift. The colour of the ruby is going to stand out and everyone is going to have a look at the ring. Imagine the happiness of your intended when this happens.

Ruby engagement rings are special rings and not everyone sells them. A better option is to go online and see these engagement rings that are available. Many well-known jewellers have their online stores where you not only get to see these rings but you can also purchase a ruby ring online. Payment options are secure as well. As far as the price of these rings is concerned it will be less than diamond engagement rings. So you also get to save money on your purchase.

A ruby ring can be presented just like that. It is not necessary that rubies are only used as ruby engagement rings.

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