Are Personalized Wine Glasses necessary?

Posted by maryparker on December 28th, 2012

Depending on the nature of the event being hosted the use of personalized wine glasses may not be absolutely necessary; however they might be a careful consideration employed by the host.  Wine glasses are used for a number of different reasons in various regions around the world.  They are almost mandatory to have present on a dinner table at a fancy restaurant where prices are high and portions are small.  In high society situations of this nature the patrons of these places are easily offended if they are not offered a wine list to make a selection from.  If wine glasses are not readily available or furnished forth right the client may become dissatisfied with the experience and spread their opinions among others they are socially equivalent to.

Having personalized wine glasses available to entertain extended family, friends and business associates helps in setting the tone, mood and atmosphere of the event and sends a signal to the guests about the class of people they are cohorts with.  The wine glasses you serve your guests with will leave a lasting impression that will continue to be remembered when the guests reflect on attending the event.  If the flutes are of substandard quality it can create a rather awkward moment and once that first impression has been ingrained in the guest, there is no method of removal.

Using personalized wine glasses for every occasion is not an absolute necessity.  It is not even required when hosting individuals above your current social classification.  It is an idea that will help cement your position among your peer group under the right circumstances but by no means are you required to run out and make a special purchase simply to accommodate a once in a lifetime event.  Standard wine glasses will suffice if other opportunities do not exist.

Personalized wine glasses are also something that should be considered as accessory items for vineyards of the professional nature.  Owners and operators of these types of establishments should seriously consider developing and designing wine glasses they can promote as purchase opportunities for their clients.  Many people that fancy drinking wine as a rule appreciates collecting items of this caliber from the various facilities they visit.  If you host wine tasting tours from your vineyard this could be an additional avenue of opportunity for increasing the overall profit margin for your company.

High society bar owners may also find the use of personalized wine glasses to be a very enticing idea.  The images, logos and emblems associated with the establishment can be etched onto the exterior and be offered as possible sales items for those that want to purchase one for their collection.  Some families do not even own wine glasses as nobody they associate with appreciates a fine glass of fruity fermentation.  In a nutshell they are not necessary except to those that feel the need for them in one form or another.  Some vineyards package their wine in a box, so it really doesn’t matter what type of glass is being used to serve it in.

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