Hand Painted Wine Glasses for the home

Posted by maryparker on December 28th, 2012

In the modern era of artistic talent one of the things that appear to be gaining in popularity is the opportunity to own hand painted wine glasses for use in the home.  Individuals that are interested in obtaining a set of these unique serving solutions can make a selection form the standard stemmed glassware combinations or they can choose to purchase stemless wine glasses that have been painted by an artist or local or national recognition.  The images that are depicted on these systems for serving can be something the artist came up with themselves, or it can be an idea issued by the interested party making the plea for purchase.

Hand painted wine glasses are just what the name implies; a glass that somebody has taken the time to modify through the use of various mediums associated with creating artwork on a glass surface.  They are not manufactured in mass quantities from a parent production company unless they are being falsely advertised.  Demonstration designs are normally available from the web sites that offer them; however an order will need to be placed for receiving the products desired.  If stemless wine glasses will be used for the painting process it may be necessary to make that known during the ordering process if it is even made available.

The difference between hand painted wine glasses and stemless wine glasses is that the former is normally reserved for decoration whereas the latter is used for actual entertainment.  That is not to say that the hand painted variety cannot be used for such serving situations, they are simply harder to clean without causing inadvertent damage in the form of paint chipping off during the washing process.  The stemless varieties are actually easier to clean and maintain than any other solution under this category and are useful for service without worry.

Having hand painted wine glasses situated in the house will add an aesthetic appeal to the place where they are positioned.  They should be considered as more of a decoration than an actual serving utensil for several reasons.  They cannot be easily replaced or repaired and if broken or damaged can result in an incomplete set.  With stemless wine glasses the client does not have to worry about accidental damage as much as they would with painted configurations.  They are generally considered dish washer safe and should be used for all occasions involving guests of any nature.

Regardless of what your interests are with regards to serving guests, stemless wine glasses are considered serviceable for all situations whereas hand painted wine glasses are considered an oddity associated with interior decorating.  You can purchase both and have one set on display and the other reserved for serving.  For the most part each of these items is very affordable so having a set of both should not be an expensive endeavor to consider or accomplish.  Items from each collection can be found all over the internet and in retail stores in local communities at relatively low prices.

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