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Posted by AngeloEverton on December 28th, 2012

Everyone loves jewellery. Women love jewellery more than men but you will hardly find a man that wouldn’t want to receive a piece of jewellery as gift. For men the options are limited and most of them prefer rings. But gold chains are also loved by many men. However, as far as gemstone jewellery is concerned they are almost always made keeping women in mind. Hence, it is not difficult to find opal jewellery and gold snake rings for women.

Opal jewellery, especially opal rings can come in various styles and women love possessing them. Diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire rings are obviously more in demand but their prices are also much higher. The best quality opal will be less costly than these stones mentioned. And so, for people that cannot afford diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphire, opal provides a great option.

Opal is a great stone for gemstone jewellery because of its different colours and shapes. Opals are found in almost any colour – red, green, white, blue and slate – you name the colour and you can find an opal in that colour. Opals also come in all the shapes that are needed for gemstone jewellery making – oval, round and square and so on. The variety of colours and shapes of opals makes them perfect for any kind of gold or silver. Appropriate opals can be found for setting in yellow, white and rose gold. This is what makes opal jewellery so much in demand in the jewellery industry.

Gold snake rings, on the other hand, are precious rings. These rings are shaped like snake coils. Depending on the amount of gold used and the style of the ring the number of coils differs. These rings are truly special to look at because they are different from traditional rings. The eyes and the top of the head of the snake are made of precious stones. Here one can use the most precious gemstones – diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Some gold snake rings have one stone used throughout and there are others where multiple types of stones are used. So, you will be able to see diamond snake rings as well as ruby and emerald snake rings.

14k or 18k gold is used for making gemstone jewellery because the setting can be done best in these gold carats. So, when you look at opal jewellery and gold snake rings and find that the gold used is 14k there is nothing to be dismayed. There is no difference to the shine and look of the gold used thanks to superior craftsmanship. On the other hand you get to save a lot of money because 14k gold costs less than 18k gold that in turn costs less than 24k gold.

Buying opal jewellery and gold snake rings online is a very good option today. You can choose from a larger catalogue of products and also get better prices for these rings. Buying a ring online and having it sent to someone as surprise can be an excellent idea.

Shop online for opal jewellery and gold snake rings.

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