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Lockdown Business Recovery Tips for Fitness and Yoga Centers

Posted by john11 on June 15th, 2020

Pandemic lockdown has forced businesses to shut down. Yoga centers and fitness especially are facing huge losses as people are not visiting them. That’s why we decided to create a detailed blog To help gym owners, fitness experts, and wellness brands put up a fight against Coronavirus pandemic (and future threats as well), our team of marketing & growth experts have evolved a business recovery plan. If you want to recover from the losses incurred during the lockdown, you better start tweaking your marketing & growth as per our recommendations!


Below tips will help you in winning 2020 by getting speeding up lockdown recovery.

Understand the impact 


The first and the most important thing to do is understanding how it has affected your business. Yoga and fitness centers are most affected by lockdown as they depend on footfalls. Measuring the impact of COVID-19 on your fitness business, focus region, and industry will get you an idea of how long it might take to recover and how hard you need to push to bounce back.


Make a complete note of how much your business is affected and how much time it can take to recover your business.

Forecast expenses


There is a huge chance that people will avoid going to gyms and yoga centers for a long time to stay safe. Calculate expenses by figuring out how much you are spending on bills and salary. gym owners and fitness brands should undertake expense forecasting to calculate what they require to stay in business. Keep rent, power & water bills, staff salary, and loan installment into account!


Make sure you have enough cash to spend until everything goes back on the track again.


Following this detailed business recovery plan will help you to recover fast!


Use social media


There are approximately 3.80 billion social media users worldwide. These numbers are enough to understand why social media platforms are playing a big role in business recovery. To make your gym business recovery plan successful, use social media often to engage with your followers. Keep them posted with positive news, health updates, and DIY fitness content. Use your social media to build stronger business connections.


Post daily about which steps you are taking to maintain the hygiene and safety of your customers. Go live on social media to retain your customers. 


Go for paid campaigns

COVID-19 has set the ball rolling for uncertain times and your customers need you more than ever. To quickly reach out to them, plan a paid campaign through popular social channels like Instagram and Facebook. 

Relevant & uplifting messaging at the time of COVID-19 will give you strong brand recall and generate business mileage after lockdown ends. This must be part of your gym business recovery action plan! 

Sell memberships

As long as the lockdown lasts, your gym, yoga or fitness center will not attract customers. However, you have to make sure that your business retains its lost glory as soon as the government eases restrictions. Hence, it makes perfect sense to sell 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year memberships.

Run fitness classes online

A lot of your customers will be gaining weight while sitting at home. That’s why your Coronavirus recovery plan must capitalize on video content to keep them in shape. Depending on your fitness expertise, start uploading video content on Youtube.

From Zumba classes to lightweight training, anything can be learnt & practiced from simple online videos. All you need to do is create fitness routines people can do without any equipment. We guarantee that your customers will love you for this!

Keep the bond alive

In the times of COVID-19, your customer and business relationships matter the most. Stay in contact with your long-time customers and business partners including equipment providers, supplement dealers, and maintenance professionals. Either through telephonic conversations, video calling or social media, stay in touch with people who contributed to your gym and fitness business, directly or indirectly.

Reason? Once the situation gets under control, you will be served on priority if you have a good relationship with your service providers. Customers will also be more trusting about your measures.  As simple as that!

Hire content creators & marketers


Businesses often fail to attract new customers as they don’t know how to create ace content to attract new customers. Content is a major weapon to attract new gym and fitness subscriptions.


Hire content creators to make sure your business is producing the right content and attracting potential customers.



Business recovery - endnote


The above tips will help you in quickly recovering your gym and yoga business from COVID lockdown. 


Need more tips to recover fast? Drop your questions in the comments section and get replies from top online marketers.









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