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How does a business plan review help in clarifying decisions?

Posted by enterslicegroup123 on June 15th, 2020


business plan review

What is the meaning of Business plan review?

Business plan review is crucial and must be considered as a mandatory process. It helps the entrepreneur evaluate the business decisions in an accurate way. A business plan reviewer helps to identify possible issues in the plan and ways to rectify them, they understand various gaps in the financial objectives and plans.

The businesses must ensure they evaluate all the important details with regards to different strategies, policies and objectives, assess each element and update them as per business requirements. A business plan review must be reviewed and updated at least one a year. Every business requires certain changes once in a while because of the ever changing business environment.

What is a business plan?

A written plan is significant for a business and helps the members involved to move in one direction that takes them towards the set business goals and objectives. A business plan is defined as a document that consists the details with regards to the business activities. Details such as the nature of the business, business strategies and financial statements are certain elements that are present in a business plan. A business plan checklist or contains all aspects of the business that are necessary for the successful and smooth run of the business.

What is the purpose of a business plan?

The reason why a business plan is considered by most businesses is because it has multiple objectives. It helps businesses and large corporations in different ways which are as follows:

It helps

  • To identify, describe and analyze a business opportunity
  • To evaluate technical, economic and financial feasibility
  • To run the company with a pre-defined aim
  • To attract investment capital, loans and advances
  • To raise finance through investment
  • In the budgeting of the business

It serves

  • As a roadmap
  • As a guide for different strategies such as marketing, sales, manufacturing, website design etc.
  • As an in-depth pitch

What are the contents in the business plan review?

The business plan review has certain steps that are undertaken by individuals after evaluating various factors and elements of the business.

  • Identification of current processes
  • Analysis of the business by talking to shareholders and customers
  • Mention improvement plan and objectives

What is included in the business plan checklist?

A business plan checklist has elements that must be included by businesses considering their business specialization. The contents included in a business plan are as follows –

business plan checklist

Executive Summary

An executive summary is the first section of the business plan that usually is written in one sentence. It gives the reader a first impression about the business plan.

A good executive summary must contain the following aspects –

  • Product description & business description
  • Financial position and requirements
  • Expected achievements as well as goals in the future

Business Overview

A business overview must contain details regarding business such as business history, management and team members, location, mission and legal structure.

Certain tips that must be kept in mind before writing a business overview are –

  • Identify the industry
  • Identify the customer
  • Explain the problem that the business will solve and talk about the solution
  • Explain ways in which you will solve the problem

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Strategies, also known as tactics are a crucial part of the business plan. It must be planned in an explicit method and every detail must be mentioned in such a way that the steps that will be taken to make the strategy successful is clear. The sales strategy must contain a SWOT analysis of the business, where it stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Operations and Management

Operations management is the management of the process of creation of goods and services. It consists of elements such as planning, organizing, coordination and controlling all the resources that is required to produce company’s products. Managing the operations of the product from start to finish is crucial and details of how it is going to be done must be mentioned in the business plan. Operational plan and organizational structure are the two major components that must be a part of this section.

Financial Plan

The financial plan must contain all details with regards to company’s financial strategies, financial emergencies etc. the financial section of the business plan is crucial because this particular section will be the major focus of any investor. The financial section is composed of three major financial statements - Income statement, cash flow projection and the balance sheet.

What is the importance of a business plan?

A business plan helps in multiple ways and serves as a guide or a map that takes it towards business goals and objectives.

  • It helps to identify and place strategies for important components of the business
  • It provides an insight on steps to be taken
  • It helps to identify resources required for the running of the business

What is the process of business plan?

The procedure of business plan will have certain changes as per the type of the business.

  • Research
  • Determine the purpose of the business
  • Creation of a business profile
  • Write all the aspects of the business
  • Creation of a strategic marketing plan

How does a business plan review provide clarified decisions?

A business plan review helps in the identification of the whole plan and the plan reviewer lays down all the loopholes present in the business plan and provides solutions to the issues in the plan. This way, the entrepreneur can further take decisions based on the reviewer’s advice.


The significance of business plans is undeniable. Corporations and small companies that have a business plan prior to the start of the business have done better in comparison to companies and startups that started without any strategy or plan. A plan gives a clear perspective to many individuals, including shareholders, management, customers, and the entrepreneur. Similarly, a business plan review is crucial for all types of businesses, irrespective of its size, type, or number of years it has been in the market. The preparation of a business plan checklist is another crucial component that must be undertaken accurately and in a precise manner.

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