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CyberSec First Responder CFR-310 Study Guide

Posted by cindertan on June 15th, 2020

This testing engine will simulate the actual testing environment and allow you to select what areas of the exam you want to focus on. If you missed some questions, you CFR-310 go and re-visit the questions by use or create CertNexus CFR-310 notes. You CFR-310 direct the CyberSec First Responder CFR-310 Study Guide to only serve those questions if you trend an area of the test that you need assistance on. However with Passcert CyberSec First Responder CFR-310 Study Guide, exhaustive practice with CyberSec First Responder CFR-310 Study Guide will ensure that you save time on the exam.

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Share some CyberSec First Responder (CFR) CFR-310 exam questions and answers below.

After imaging a disk as part of an investigation, a forensics analyst wants to hash the image using a tool that supports piecewise hashing. 
Which of the following tools should the analyst use? 
A. md5sum 
B. sha256sum 
C. md5deep 
D. hashdeep 
Answer: A

A secretary receives an email from a friend with a picture of a kitten in it. The secretary forwards it to the ~COMPANYWIDE mailing list and, shortly thereafter, users across the company receive the following message: 
“You seem tense. Take a deep breath and relax!” 
The incident response team is activated and opens the picture in a virtual machine to test it. After a short analysis, the following code is found in C: 
Tempchill.exe:Powershell.exe –Command “do {(for /L %i in (2,1,254) do shutdown /r /m Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.> /f /t / 0 (/c “You seem tense. Take a deep breath and relax!”);Start-Sleep –s 900) } while(1)” 
Which of the following BEST represents what the attacker was trying to accomplish? 
A. Taunt the user and then trigger a shutdown every 15 minutes. 
B. Taunt the user and then trigger a reboot every 15 minutes. 
C. Taunt the user and then trigger a shutdown every 900 minutes. 
D. Taunt the user and then trigger a reboot every 900 minutes. 
Answer: B

A security administrator is investigating a compromised host. 
Which of the following commands could the investigator use to display executing processes in real time? 
A. ps 
B. top 
C. nice 
D. pstree 
Answer: B

A system administrator identifies unusual network traffic from outside the local network. 
Which of the following is the BEST method for mitigating the threat? 
A. Malware scanning 
B. Port blocking 
C. Packet capturing 
D. Content filtering 
Answer: C

Which of the following technologies would reduce the risk of a successful SQL injection attack? 
A. Reverse proxy 
B. Web application firewall 
C. Stateful firewall 
D. Web content filtering 
Answer: B

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