The Striking Features of HON Office Chairs

Posted by SharonEvans on December 31st, 2012

 When you work in an office, typically you spend most of your time in an office chair, which can affect the structures of your lumbar spine. When you choose a chair for you in the office, it should be designed as not to compound back problems.  This should be ergonomic.  By ergonomic, it means that scientific principles are applied in the design of the office chair to minimize or eliminate work related injuries to your body while increasing your productivity.  HON office chairs and Basyx high back chairs, both products of HON Company, are ergonomic chairs.

When you are looking for an office chair, remember that all chairs are created with one purpose, to provide comfort to the user.  So it is difficult to say that one is the best among the others.  But there are features that you should look for in a chair, besides being ergonomic, and these features are very important.  The HON office chairs and Basyx high back chairs have these characteristics that make the brands worth buying.

Adjustable seat height – The seat height of these ergonomic office chairs are adjustable from a range of about 15” to 20” and this works for most office workers.  The users are allowed to have their feet flat on the floor, with their arms even with the desk height, and their thighs in horizontal position.

Adjustable seat width and depth – The seats of both the HON office chairs and Basyx high back chairs have enough width and depth to comfortably support its users..  The width is 17” to 20” which is the standard, and the depth is enough to allow users to sit with their backs settled against the back rest. The seats are also adjustable according to forward or backward tilt.

Lower back support – Or lumbar support  is an important feature. It prevents the user from slouching, so that the structures of the lumbar spine are not strained. The HON office chairs and Basyx high back chairs have lumbar height and depth adjustments, providing support to your lower back’s inward curve.

Adjustable backrests – These are adjustable both in backward and forward angles, and can be locked to prevent the backrest from going too far back once you have determined the right angle.

Seat padding and materials - The HON chairs have sufficiently padded seats and back, so you are comfortable using them in spite of long periods of use.  Fabrics that breathe are used in the surface; these are preferred by most users over surfaces which are harder.

The HON Company is a leading manufacturer not only of office chairs but other office furniture as well, including office desks, storage cabinets, and more.  Their chairs selections are executive mid back chairs, high back chairs, task chairs, nesting chairs and guest chairs.  You can purchase these products online and their prices are affordable.  If you buy through the Internet, you can avail of free shipping on some items, and might also find some great deals that are offered from time to time.

Office is a place to show-off, even if that’s not your nature, so then in such a situation, Hon office chairs and Basyx high back chairs can come to your rescue.

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