What Is the Difference between Truck Ladder Racks and Van Racks?

Posted by juliabennet on January 2nd, 2013

If you are looking for ways to boost the storage space of your van, you’ve probably already come across the different kinds of racks that you can attach to your vehicle. The most popular of these are the van racks and the truck ladder racks.

A lot of vehicle owners are probably wondering what the differences are between these two types of racks and frankly, there really isn’t much. They serve the same basic purpose, which is to offer extra storage on top or along the sides of your vehicle. They can both carry much more than just ladders but also other big and bulky items that are not convenient to stuff into the inside of the vehicle.

The only difference is probably the fact that van racks are designed for cargo vans and personal vans, while truck ladder racks are designed for pickup trucks or cargo trucks, which is actually quite obvious. Other than that, van racks and truck ladder racks are essentially the same in every respect.

Now, if you are a van owner looking to increase the storage capacity of your vehicle, you will be pleased to know that there are many different rack options out there that you can choose from. First, you should decide whether you want the rack to go on top of the van or on the side.

Top-mounted racks can typically carry more items and heavier loads. Most of them are permanent structures that have to be bolted on to the top of the truck using heavy-duty screws to ensure that they are secure and safe. Aluminum and steel are the two most commonly used materials for manufacturing these trucks because of their durability and resistance to the elements.

Side-mounted racks, on the other hand, can also carry heavy loads although the weight capacity is not as large as the top-mounted varieties. They can also carry fewer items and are usually restricted to holding ladders and other objects of similar built.

Both van racks and truck ladder racks can come in either the permanent or temporary variety, and the choice would depend on how much you think you are going to use the rack. If you are a contractor who carries ladders and other equipment with you to work daily, a permanent installation would be more advisable. However, if you are only going to use the rack for recreational purposes during vacations, a temporary rack will be more suitable for your purpose.

Regardless of the type of rack that you choose, one very important element to consider is the weight capacity of the rack. Many people tend to overlook this simple but crucial factor, sometimes ending up overloading their rack. Although they may get away with it sometimes, this is not a safe practice at all and can lead to disastrous accidents not only to you but to other people on the road as well. Besides, there is a legal limit as to how much you can load onto a vehicle rack so you should really be very careful.

Van racks and truck ladder racks are highly versatile accessories that you can add to your vehicle. Find out which type is best for you by looking at the many items that we have in our store.

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