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Almost every house in Chicago has a computer, and some even have more than one. With latest developments in the field of technology, upgrading your computer system is a common occurrence. This means that thousands of computer systems are disposed off every year in Chicago alone. Because computer components may contain heavy metals, carcinogens and toxic chemicals, its disposal in landfill can prove to be hazardous for the environment. To reduce waste and to save the environment, some companies have come up in Chicago who deal in recycling computers to manage unwanted gadgets.


If your computer is in good working condition, then it may be labeled to be re-used. It will be overhauled and sold out for at a discounted rate. Computers that are not capable to be refurbished are torn apart, their parts are checked out and the working ones are set aside. When a computer is sent to be recycled, its unusable parts are separated into different categories, including metal, plastics and motherboards. These parts are sold to recyclers and anything that cannot be recycled or reused is incinerated. There are several Chicago computer recycling companies that reuse as much as 85% of the parts of disposed off computers.

Giving it to charity

Another way to recycle your computer is to resell it or to give it to charity. There are specific locations where people can drop their used electronics. From these places, the pieces are picked up for recycling. Some recycling companies take your printers, peripherals and monitors as well. Some Chicago computer recycling companies may also have partnerships with schools and other such institutions, which means that the computer you disposed off can be used by someone else in need. You can also donate your used computer to a charity. Another way is to contact a local government office and find out if they there are any special electronic pick up days when they can take your computer for disposal or recycling. Such e-waste collection days are also advertised in fliers, local newspapers and newsletters.

Because a large number of computers are disposed off each year, giving your computer to a Chicago computer recycling company is a wise choice. With the limited lifespan of computers, recycling them has become an integral part of proper waste management in Chicago. Keeping in view the wide variety of recycling options for used computers, you will definitely find a computer recycling options that is suitable as per your requirements and preferences. If you are ready to buy a new computer now, then why not take advantage of these Chicago computer recycling companies. In this way, you will not only save your environment, but will also help other people learn computers cost-efficiently.

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