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Brown Sugar Substitute List that Goes On!

Posted by johnsmith011124 on June 15th, 2020

As we all know sugar is one product that changes the taste of any dish. It is one perfect way to sweeten your food and drinks. Among sugar, white sugar and brown sugar are the two most used types of sugar across the world. The difference between the two is that white sugar can be used to add a sweet taste to any dish while brown sugar is mostly used by bakers as it adds a different flavor and is of a unique color. The health and fitness experts usually recommend the use of brown sugar as compared to white sugar as it has less calorie content. In case one is missing in the kitchen, the two are used as a substitute for another. It is quite noteworthy to know that there are many other things that can be used in the place of brown sugar!

It is very essential to know the difference between the two most used kinds of sugars. Even though brown sugar is considered to be healthier when compared to white sugar, it should be known that both are sourced from the same crop and go through a similar process of production. The point of difference is in the amount of molasses contained in both. Another reason why Brown sugar substituteis considered healthy is that they have some quantity of iron, calcium and potassium. These nutrients are required for a healthy body and should be an integral part of our balanced diet. Even the people, who are attempting to lose weight, either cut down on sugar completely or shift to brown sugar for consumption.

Contrary to popular belief, some studies have highlighted the fact that the difference in calories between browns sugar and white sugar is not much. This shows that brown sugar actually does not hold an upper hand over white sugar especially when it comes to the nutrition content and calories.

While white sugar is added to dishes especially the bakery goods to add a rising to them, brown sugar is used add a brown hue to the dish. It is said that brown sugar can add density to the food and helps the food especially bakery goods to retain moisture making it extremely soft.

The different Brown sugar substitute includes white sugar and molasses, white sugar and maple syrup, coconut sugar, date paste, jaggery, muscovado sugar and the list goes on!

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