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How to troubleshoot Norton Antivirus Error 1000

Posted by systemactivation on June 15th, 2020

Norton is a globally known cybersecurity industry which is famous for distributing the top-class device and network security tool. Norton can easily deal with all the dangerous threats lurking around your device. This antivirus is compatible with Windows, Mac, and all Apple devices. Norton Security Product Key provides the legitimacy that you are installing a genuine Norton product on your device. Once you install Norton antivirus; you can use your device for data sharing, online banking, and all other jobs securely. The interface of this antivirus is very good where it can protect the PC at every condition. But whenever you get any Norton error; fix it immediately before your device gets into any trouble.

Norton Antivirus error 1000 is a common runtime error which mostly occurs during Norton antivirus. But you can also get this error while scanning your device. Here are many reasons for getting Norton error 1000; you can only fix the error when you find the exact cause of your error.

A common cause of Norton antivirus error 1000:

  1. You have downloaded corrupted setup file

  2. Incomplete Norton installation

  3. Registry files are corrupted

  4. Error in Windows files

  5. Your Windows is outdated

  6. Your Norton antivirus is not compatible with the PC

Symptoms of Norton antivirus error 1000:

  1. Installation process gets failed

  2. Your running program crashes and an error appears on the screen

  3. You can be getting Norton error 1000 with the same program

  4. Norton error appears when you open your device

  5. Norton scanning process interrupts and an error appears on the screen

Methods for resolving Norton antivirus error 1000:

Check the system compatibility

If you are getting the error while installing Norton antivirus then check whether the Norton antivirus is compatible with your computer or not. If not then you can’t install that setup on your PC. Norton setup has a compatibility requirement. If the device you are trying to install Norton is not able to fulfill the requirements then you can’t install the setup. So whenever you purchase Norton setup; check its device requirements and then purchase it. Now you can cancel the Norton subscription and then get a refund. Then purchase a Norton product which is compatible with your computer.

Restore all the changes

If you are getting the error recently after making any changes on the device then reverting the changes will fix the error. Sometimes small changes in settings affect antivirus processing. If you have remembered the changes then fix it manually. You can use the undo feature of Windows devices for reverting the changes. Follow the steps given below restoring the changes:

  1. Open Windows device and go to the start menu

  2. Type System restore on the search bar

  3. Press the Enter button

  4. Select System Restore from the result

  5. You may get the authentication prompt

  6. Type your admin password and press the Enter button

Now follow the on-screen instructions for restoring your device. Choose the time for a restoring point. Once you complete the system restoring process; restart your computer and now try to use Norton antivirus. If Norton error 1000 is still not fixed then contact the Norton team for help.

Remove the accumulated junk from the device

Temporary files or other junk like browser caches, etc can conflict with your regular programs. People mostly find this data harmless but sometimes it can corrupt your various software. When you fall into any runtime error; remove all the junk from the device and then check whether your error gets fixed or not. Removing junk not only fixes the error but also cleans up the device. You may also experience good speed after removing the junk files. Type %temp% on the search bar of the Windows device and press the Enter button. Your temporary file folder will appear on the screen. Now select all files and press the delete button. Now clear out all the browser junk. Windows File Checker tool can also be used for removing the junk. Here are the steps for using the System File Checker tool:

  1. Open Windows computer and type command on the search bar

  2. Now hold your shift key and Ctrl key from the keyboard

  3. Press the Enter button

  4. A confirmation prompt will get displayed on the screen

  5. Click on Yes option

  6. The command prompt will appear

  7. Type sfc/scannow on the command prompt

  8. Press the Enter button

Windows System File Checker tool will calculate the files which you can remove from the PC. Choose all the unwanted and junk files. Click on the remove button. Now open your Norton antivirus and check for the error. If your Norton is still showing you the same error then call Norton support for help.

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