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COVID-19 Crisis: The AI Hiring Is not at Stake

Posted by Michaellyam on June 16th, 2020

According to Data Corp, the number of AI jobs to increase by more than 16 percent by the end of 2020 across the globe.

Despite the unprecedented times and downfall of the economy, AI engineers’ jobs are not at stake. The employment rate may increase as more healthcare providers and businesses look forward to developing smart applications and advanced analytics, despite being at the frontline of the pandemic.

Artificial intelligence has great potential in tackling the issues being raised by COVID-19. As such, it can help identify patterns in the coronavirus related research by providing positive diagnostics. It is not just the technology that can handle the task but it also involves the minds of creative indulging and making use of the technology.

The current crisis is a terror. The situation was jarringly different a few weeks ago, things we try to do today had never been tried before. Similarly, humans are not at all different from AI, which explains why our current situation is daunting.

AI hiring during the COVID-19 crisis:

Personalized career paths, remote hiring, remote working, and virtual career fairs are becoming the new norm in the current situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how organizations are quickly attracting talents, recruiting employees, and retaining them. You’re likely to find recruiting systems, talent management systems, and applicant tracking system (ATS) have specifically been designed for one-to-one interactions.

During this time of year, organizations scout to hire the brightest of the college via in-person interviews, well this may not be the case today. The major focus of college recruiters has been turned into individual Skype or Zoom sessions with the candidates while ensuring they can keep track of the best interviews through Google sheets or Excel, or perhaps Email. Many organizations are keen on hiring mid-level and senior-level positions, thus hiring managers are more pressurized in arranging interviews with the highest qualified candidates possible.

If you think the pandemic is putting off companies from hiring tech professionals or AI engineers, then you may be wrong. Hiring is happening, it’s just the forces and the roles that need rethinking. While some may say, it took the global pandemic to help people embrace AI more than ever, irony, isn’t it?

With the help of Searchie, people are receiving a high volume of inquiries across the globe, which include countries such as the UK and Saudi Arabia. Though the unfortunate event, it has yet managed to create the best condition for the tech world.

Hiring is taking place across sectors such as the tech-companies, e-commerce, pharmacies, and online services, etc. and the demand for AI professionals in the healthcare sector is bound to go up. Therefore, it is with no surprise to find talents with AI skills go up within the forthcoming days. For professionals working in the healthcare sector, getting themselves skilled in applications of AI in healthcare will prove beneficial.

AI augmenting the healthcare

In present times, we’ve all come across healthcare professionals working incessantly to treat patients under COVID-19 diagnoses putting their lives at risk. With the help of AI, this could be easily curbed down while ensuring the quality of the care given does not suffer.

Here’s an example,

The Tampa General Hospital in Florida uses AI that helps detect fever of the patients with a simple facial scan. AI plays a major role at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel by helping doctors predict complications such as respiratory failure or sepsis in COVID-19.

If you’re still unsure, here are the names of the companies that are hiring during COVID-19 – Gitlab, Bond, HealthVerity,,, and Miro. These companies are open to remote working and home-based permanently.

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