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Posted by adairsawyer on January 5th, 2013

A truck ladder rack, or a bulkhead, may not seem to be extremely important pieces of truck equipment. They are, after all, accessories, not pieces of equipment that can impede the progress of the vehicle. A van can certainly be driven without a bulkhead, but this is one piece of truck equipment that can protect not only the items being hauled, but the driver of the vehicle as well.

The bulkhead is the piece of truck equipment that is installed to make a partition between the driver and passenger of a van and the cargo they are carrying in the rear section of the vehicle. This will of course make the work truck look neater on the interior, but the main feature of these items is that they protect the driver of the vehicle from tools that become airborne during a sudden stop or crash.

A truck ladder rack can be mounted on the top of a van, or on the sides of the vehicle to keep long sections of material in place when the vehicle is traveling. When you have a truck ladder rack in place you do not have to worry about your ladders sliding around in the back of the vehicle, nor do you have to worry that during a sudden stop your ladder will be thrown from the vehicle. This can happen if you carry these items on the bed of the truck with nothing to anchor them in place.

Your tools are the bread and butter of your trade. When you are called to a customer’s home to service an item you need these tools to do your job. You have to have ways to transport these tools to and from the work locations and you need to be able to secure them so they are not damaged during this transport.

You also want the driver of the vehicle to be as safe as possible. As much as we would like for an accident to never happen, there is a good chance that at some point the driver of a work van will be involved in some type of collision. At the very least they are at times going to have to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting another car that has pulled out in front of them. When these things happen you want to know that the tools inside the vehicle were secured in such a manner that they could not be flung to the front of the vehicle and cause injury to the driver.

The best way to make certain that your driver and equipment are safe is to install bulkheads, partitions, and shelving for the items that are normally transported in the vehicle.

The best way that a company can protect their tools and their drivers when they are on the road is to have truck equipment installed that will keep the tools in their proper position without allowing them to move freely in case of a sudden stop. A truck ladder rack can be a great way to safely transport many different materials that are longer than the bed of the truck.

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