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Posted by AmandaTom on January 6th, 2013

When you buy iPhone 4s insurance, what do you exactly know about it? According to studies, only a few percent of people make claims and others don’t. This could be due to the fact that they have limited knowledge about iPhone 4s insurance or that they do not know exactly how it works. As a consumer, understanding your insurance can ensure proper protection. When you get an iPhone insurance Verizon and something happens to your phone, how do you take advantage of your policy? Knowing everything about your coverage is part of your duty not only as a phone owner but also as a consumer. Let us look at some of the things that you might find when you buy mobile policies.

Repair coverage

The iPhone 4s insurance can compensate a portion of the repair costs should accidental failure or damage happens. The consumer usually has to go to the service provider preferred by the policy provider once you sent your claim. Once the device has been received, the repair happens within a couple of days. The deductible is paid when you make the claim. Depending on the provider, some have a limit on how many repairs they can offer in a year but some offer unlimited repair coverage.

Lost or stolen phones

Then iPhone 4s insurance usually requires the device owner to file a report to the police station within 7 days after the theft. After that, the client can file for a claim to the insurance company. The phone’s IMEI number will also be requested so as to blacklist the phone and prevent the user from being able to use that carrier on the phone. At this point replacements are issued if the claim has been cleared. Replacements are also issued if the damage on the phone was too severe that it cannot function anymore. If the repairs can still be managed, though, the phone will be repaired and a loaner phone will be sent to the user while the original phone is still under repair.

Usually, new phones have a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. If the damage has happened within this warranty period, usually, the insurance company will take care of these repairs or replacement actions. Should the manufacturer repair or replace the unit, the insurance company will insure that new device or that repaired device by the manufacturer. It is necessary, though to provide documents and details such as MEID and IMEI or new device, the serial number and IMEI of the original device so that the swapping of warranty can be documented accurately.

It is necessary to be aware about these details if you are a consumer seeking high quality services and solutions. As a consumer you do not want to end up not getting the most out of your money just because you did not know better. You have all the right to push for claims if you know you are on the right side. By understanding the procedures behind the iPhone 4s insurance, you can use if and take advantage of it should the situation arises.

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