Poker Affiliate Program Marketing Revealed

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

The online poker industry is a booming business making millions each day for companies world-wide. Poker sites just like any other business need to advertise through a variety of avenues in order to reach a wide enough audience. Advertising through billboards, magazines and even television can be an expensive business, which is why so many use affiliate programs. With these programs websites can reach huge audiences without having to pay a penny. That is until one of these affiliate sites bring a customer to their address, then it's time to share the profits.

The genius in the poker affiliate system is that nobody can lose. Affiliate sites that don't attract any guests simply receive no money, whilst those who attract numerous people reap the benefits. The poker site can offer affiliates advertisements or banners directly or the potential affiliates may join any one of the number of online poker affiliate vendors. This middleman approach disperses the funds further but offers affiliates more opportunities to advertise extra sites and earn revenue elsewhere.

Most sites offer new affiliates a percentage scheme, whereby the affiliate receives money each time somebody who has joined through one of their banners spends money on the poker site. Making money in this way can start out as a bit of a dribble rather than a raging torrent of income, but given time it can increase. The more people that join from your site the more money you can earn. It's a simple enough equation but it works. Some schemes also offer programs for affiliates who attract more affiliates. You can pick up a small percentage of each member that the associated affiliate attracts, or even that of further affiliates that they encourage to join. Once the ball gets rolling it is easy to gather clients and affiliates, which in turn means money for you.

A select few poker sites also offer a second option for affiliates, which involves a one off cash payment for each member that joins and makes a deposit through them. These are rare and whilst they may lead to short term gain, it can be less profitable in the long run. It is a way of guaranteeing a substantial cash reward, without having to wait for it to come over many months. Although you may or may not lose out in the end for some affiliates this is the more preferable option.

To become an affiliate website will have to join either a affiliate site vendor or a poker site. This not only allows them to receive relevant advertising materials, but more importantly also allows them to receive funds after picking up a customer. This process is almost always free and is just like signing up to any site, taking just a small amount of time and no deposit. With everything in place a website owner can finally become an affiliate and begin reaping the rewards of being an Internet entrepreneur.

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