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Posted by AmandaTom on January 7th, 2013

How important is your iPhone? According to a recent study with mobile phone users as respondents, smart phones have become a necessity for modern living. Serving as a communication device, navigation tool, internet tool and even electronic wallet, it has changed the way we do things, making it very hard to think about life without such a convenience. In fact, the demand is so high that 72% of respondents agree that losing a smart phone is a lot worse compared to losing a wallet. Thus, if you have an iPhone, especially the latest model, you will want to protect it from such risks especially the financial risks that you would have to incur.

Replacing a phone is expensive

The Apple iPhone insurance is a great product in which you pay a premium each month to ensure that you get coverage should your phone get damaged or lost. Replacing phones can cost a lot more than buying since when you buy under a contract, you pay a subsidized price with consecutive payments in a period of a few years. Since the phone was lost, without the iPhone 5 insurance, you would have to pay the full price for the unit with the Apple iPhone insurance, you can make a claim and if proven, you would get your replacement phone without paying anything aside from your policy.

Lost and stolen phones

The Apple iPhone insurance is the most ideal tool that you can get to avoid paying a very high premium for new phones. According to an infographic, people often lose their phones compared to being stolen though there are still some similarities. In Ireland, for example, the cases of phone loss and theft often happen in bars and night clubs more than other places. Most people forget where they lost their phones. While others say they lost their phones while in public transport. In terms of theft, night clubs are prominent while theft cases in school or work are very low. In areas where the environment can be very chaotic and people can get easily overwhelmed, chances of losing the phone is very high.

Insurance coverage is very vital for mobile phone users to give them some peace of mind. The risks of loss and theft are very prominent nowadays, but people will still enjoy going to bars, using their phones in public or simply enjoying their phones as part of their lifestyles. to simply put it, the iPhone 5 insurance and any mobile insurance product have been designed to give you peace of mind that whatever happens, you do not have to experience terrible costs in the long run. There is no point having a phone if you are just going to use it inside the home.

Investing on the right Apple iPhone insurance is a good strategy to reduce your future costs. Of course, you have to consider other factors so that you can dampen the risks and generate value for your insurance and for your mobile phone experience in general.

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