Dependable Home Alarm Systems to Safeguard Your House

Posted by quickconnect on January 9th, 2013

You have been thinking of getting a new home alarm system since long. However, you aren’t sure of how the system is going to be of help in making your house a protected one. So, here is a quick go-through for you, regarding how it all works, and how you can benefit from the features of one such system.

A typical home burglar alarm system will have door-contacts, motion-sensors and window stickers installed in your house. All of these are monitored round the clock, all 365 days of the year, by a monitoring centre assigned by the alarm system provider. In case of any unauthorised access to your property, the alarm gets activated, creating a panic situation for the burglars and alerting the neighbours. Such alarms usually go up ringing for a substantial period of three to five minutes. Baffled by the alarm, many of the times either the intruders vacate the place immediately or the people residing in the vicinity inform the police officials. This, however, doesn’t happen always. This is where the services of the alarm company come handy. As soon as the alarm triggers off, it sends a wireless signal to the designated alarm receiving centre. The officials at the centre instantaneously inform you, as well as the key-holders nominated by you. This whole process takes less than 2-3 minutes, which includes the time taken, by the alarm, to send a signal and that consumed by the team at the receiving centre to make the phone call to you. The moment you get this information, you can reach the property and check out if everything is ok. You can also inform the police authorities on the burglar alarm warning so that they can reach the place in time, just in case it is not feasible for you to approach your house within a reasonable time.

Most of these systems run on standby batteries in case of absence of power. The batteries are good enough to last for a couple of hours and even longer, so as to cover any risk that arises due to power failure. With such a concrete and dependable process in place, the home alarms can surely safeguard your house at all times, without fail; while you enjoy the freedom to leave your house as and when you wish, for long or short durations, as per your convenience.

All you need to do is to go online, choose an alarm system with suitable monitoring and maintenance services, and get it installed in your home, at the earliest possible.

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This article has been written by Mr Smith who is also associated with SecurityCAM Company. As the leading ADT Alarms Authorised Agent, SecurityCAM have been a sales arm of ADT for almost a decade. They are recognised by NSI (National Security Inspectorate) and employ a team of highly skilled and experienced security consultants who are on hand to advise both residential and business customers on the best possible security solutions.

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