Capcom's Arcade Cabinet To be Announced Next month For XBLA And PSN

Posted by apspu on January 10th, 2013

According to the new issue of Famitsu magazine, Capcom is planning diablo 3 buy gold to announce a new downloadable strategy for their classic arcade titles. In celebration of the company's 30th anniversary, Capcom is preparing Capcom Arcade Cabinet: Retro Game Collection. Focusing on the publisher/developer's offerings from the 1980s, the first announced title is 1987's Black Tiger.

"I can't go into details on titles yet, " said Capcom producer Kenji Kataoka, "but we're definitely focusing on the games that came out earlier on in our history. These are completely faithful reproductions, too. You used to have arcade games ported to the NES and such and wind up being completely different titles on that platform, but that's not the case here. Even if there were bugs in the original, we've kept them in there if we felt we needed to in order to retain the original feel of the game. "

From the sound of the article, it also looks like it will give gamers access to the original dipswitch settings from the cabinets. Kataoka explains, "You can adjust the strength of your attacks, the range of collision detection, and so forth. This allows you to engage in training, and we've got support for turbo buttons and arcade sticks as well. "

Downloadable arcade classics certainly aren't a new offering on XBLA or PSN, but it sounds like Capcom may be going a bit above and beyond the usual options with this upcoming collection. The free Arcade Cabinet app (games are purchased separately) is expected to be officially announced on February 7th. source: gameinformer

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