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How To Stream Mobile Games With Steamlabs

Posted by Ahish123 on June 17th, 2020

Are you into streaming mobile games two platforms like Twitch Youtube and Mixer streamlabs mobile app just came out with a pretty sweet update that I think you're all gonna like if you want into a stream your mobile games to platforms like twitch YouTube and mixer and I'm gonna show you how to use it let's go Hey it's me it's wild coming at you for my stream support playlist where I bring you the best tips and tricks and if this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow and improve your stream make sure you hit that big red subscribe button and tick that bell so you know in my videos go live for you so stream labs? it is important to choose the funny steam names to attract audience.

literally just came out with an update that allows all of us to stream our favorite mobile games to our favorite platforms like Twitch YouTube and Mixer and if you're really interested in streaming mobile games stream labs might be the answer for you and lucky for us they follow the same platform as all the other great third-party platforms out there as well but how well does it stack up let's go over the computer and I'm gonna show you how to use the program and how well it works let's go now that we're over at our mobile device all we need to do is just get into stream labs.

if you guys are not familiar with the mobile device I'll puta link in the description below so you can check it out it'll go over the basic things like where to get it logging in what platform you want to stream to make changes and everything like that for this video we're gonna jump right into it and only concern ourselves with the game aspect so now that we're all logged in and we got everything good to go we want to figure out how to stream one of our mobile games through stream labs mobile app all you need to do is click on this button right here and it'll walk you through the steps.

but what I recommend doing first is making any changes that you need to for your stream title and category that you're gonna be within if you need to make any edits all you gotta do is just tap right here on this pencil it'll give you the ability to make any changes that you want right here you can see I can change the title and I can change the game that I want to but let's just leave it on this for the moment and all you need to do is tap right on here and stream labs made it nice and simple.

all you have to do is follow basically all the other steps that all the other streaming software is that I've shown you do you have to open up your notifications screen from the bottom by swiping up in your control panel and you got to use the screen record option and there you'll see Stream labs list it as one of the options and from there you can broadcast and the nice thing about it is they give you a step-by-step tutorial right here so let's go ahead and click on it and as you can see it says broadcasting on iOS and it shows you how to do it all you need to do is go to your control center which you just tap on right there and will take you to the customize controls. Also, read- imvu names

when you get to your customize controls all you need to do is just add in screen recording and move it to the top so that way you can access it when you swipe up on your screen it's very simple to do just swipe up and it'll have a circle within a circle and all you need to do is select stream labs from that menu screen there and you will be ready to go live now just to let you know make sure you have the microphone on and as we learned from our other streaming software mobile apps that we've done make sure your phone is not on silent and that it is off vibrate so people can hear the sound as well.

once you're good to go all you got to do is just log into a game so let's go ahead and log into a game and make our changes and now that we're into the game all we need to do is just swipe up from the control panel here and we will be good to go just go down to the record stream in the bottom right-hand corner you can't see it at the moment because I'm using a mirror program but it'll be right under here and just select stream labs and you will be good to go and as you can see I'm streaming perfectly fine.

 just on Twitch now just like most mobile platforms it really depends on your internet connection and everything like that so it may be a little choppy and it also may take a little bit for stream labs to catch up with the program and sync everything kind of normal so you know just give a little bit of time and you will be good but this is a great program to start out if you want to start doing your mobile games and boom there you go it's that easy to start streaming your mobile games to platforms like Twitch YouTube and Mixer however it's not the only name in the game if you guys have seen my videos before there's quite a few you got things like Mob  Crush and Omelet Arcade.

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