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Equipment & Resources Required For A Cleaning Business

Posted by ishawnmike on June 17th, 2020

Many individuals have lost their jobs due to the current pandemic situation that has disrupted many business cycles. People have been fired on short notices and are in dire need of a source of income to keep fulfilling the needs of their families. After applying for several positions, making profiles on various freelancing websites, and searching for work online, unfortunately, many people lose hope in their fate.

What a lot of struggling people don’t pay attention to is the idea of starting a business. Though it might not kick off right away but getting a business started might be the only solution for some people in the prevailing circumstances. Perhaps a cleaning business like Carpet Cleaning Epsom can generate good revenue in less time.

For those of you who would like to consider this idea, this article is for you. I want to share some valuable information with folks who want to start a similar business.

Residential Cleaning Equipment

For a basic residential cleaning business, be sure to select a high-income area where dual-income couples may need professional cleaning services. To start with, you will be needing the following basic equipment:

-          A cleaner’s uniform preferably in a dark color

-          Disposable gloves

-          Comfortable and soft shoes

-          Knee pads for keeping your knees protected

-          Shoe covers

-          Face masks

Now, let us see the equipment as per the area:

1.    Bathroom and Kitchen

-          A good quality all-purpose cleaner

-          A disinfectant solution

-          A spray bottle

-          Grout brush

-          Small tilted brushes

-          Sponges

-          Cloth towel

-          Toilet brushes

-          Scrubbing pads

2.    Windows and Doors

-          Soft cloth towel

-          Sponge

-          Thin brush

-          Cleaning solution

-          Glass cleaner

-          Shine spray

3.    Floor

-          Floor cleaning solution

-          Bucket

-          Bleach

-          Brush

-          Dustpan

-          Broomstick

-          Vacuum cleaner

4.    Bedroom and Living Room

-          Dusters with a stick for cleaning fans and shelves

-          Short dusters for cleaning tables

-          Glass cleaning solution

-          Vacuum attachments for cleaning sofas, chair seats, and beds

-          Leather cleaning solution

-          Wood cleaning solution and spray

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

If you want to earn more, you need to invest more. Yes, offices and companies can pay you well for cleaning and disinfecting their workplaces. However, you cannot use the same equipment that you are using for a house of four people.

You will be needing some different equipment like:

-          A cleaner’s uniform that has the logo of your business. (Professionals won't let you in without identity)

-          Large disposable bags for garbage

-          Floor cleaning machine  

-          Floor waxing machine

-          Automatic broom machine

-          Heavy-duty vacuum cleaner

-          Commercial buckets

-          Washing solutions in bulk quantity

Additional Resources

1.    A van with enough storage capacity


Apart from the above list, you will need a van to run your business. It will let your employees travel together and easily carry the required equipment with them. Professional cleaning firms also focus on branding, so having your company’s logo on the van is a smart thing to do in order to leave a good impact on your clients.

2.    A small warehouse

During the initial phase, you may not need a warehouse to store goods. Your van will be enough to keep the essential detergents, brushes, towels, and machinery, etc. However, when your business will expand, you will require a warehouse and an office space as well. Expanding your business means having a more elaborate setup, thus you’ll need to keep investing in the right places.

Other Resources

1.    Initial Cost

Gathering a lot of equipment is not enough to start a cleaning business. There is much more to it than that. You need to create your identity, build your logo, market your brand, and attract potential clients. For all this, you need to sort out some start-up costs.  It's good if you have enough at hand to invest. Otherwise, you might have to resort to some sort of financial assistance from others.

2.    Staff

If you are planning to cater to just a few clients and provide the service by yourself, you might not need a lot of staff. However, after some time, you will wish to expand your business and need a professional staff for it. Some people directly start their business as a company and hire basic staff initially.

Since it is a cleaning business, you do not need to verify academic degrees. However, you must look for highly energetic, honest, and hard-working employees to run your cleaning business.

Remember that you need to pay each employee, provide separate equipment, and arrange uniforms for each of them. Besides this, you need to maintain their record and check their performance. This creates an additional requirement of a software or an HR professional, depending on the size of your business.

Bonus Tip:

Hiring the best employee may look like a daunting task when you get loads of applications. However, if you are dealing with residential cleaning, be sure to check the references for trust. Residential cleaning employees should be trustworthy, loyal, and devoted. On the other hand, commercial cleaning employees should have a professional attitude. The experience of having worked for a professional company will be a plus point here.

One great thing about the cleaning business is that you can start it with minimum investment. However, the ultimate requirement of resources depends on your business plan. Starting a cleaning business isn’t very complicated – you just need to hire the right people, buy the right tools, and reach the right people to kick-start your business. Depending on the nature of your cleaning business, you will require separate equipment and resources. With time, you will learn about the additional requirements of equipment needed to run the business.

What type of cleaning business are you planning to start? Have you made any purchases yet? Share some tips with us!

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