Morning Exercise: Is It Making You Eat More?

Posted by Golden on August 14th, 2010

You have started the year off by revving off your exercises and this is good news. But you find out you are not losing the weight you set out to lose. This is bad news. The the pounds are not melting off it is probably not the fault of your workouts. It be that your intensive workout routine is makig you eating more. There is a research that suggest that women more than men tend to eat more once they start to exercise regularly. Surprised? It doesn?t really matter the reason this difference as long as you emember that the number rule of losing weight is: calories burned must exceed calories taken in.


Let?s look at this way; it is easier to eat more calories than it is to burn off those calories with exercise. Exercise should be something you do almost everyday of the week. But then even this level of exercise does not give you the go ahead to eat whatever you want. If you have recently started exercising and you find out that it is making you gain weight, start by checking your eating and exercise habits:


Your body has the capacity to burn fats on its own

Wouldn?t you be thrilled if your body decides to burn up those extra fats on its own? Well, yes it can.

a.      Exercise in short intense bursts for effective fat burning after exercise.

b.     Increase the amount of resistance/weight/strength training you do to build more lean muscle. The muscle is said to be metabolically active and burns more calories than other body tissues even when you are moving.

c.     Chill on the amount of food you are eating.


Technical fact

Our bodies are built to survive and when you take exercises for long periods of time, you begin to think it needs to hold on to far for energy. Doing short intense exercises builds energy and burns the calories and but not the fat and this makes it ?feel safe? using fat stores for energy after exercise.


If you are obsessing over things like fat grams and eating a nutritious meal, your body will reserve energy (store fats) to survive.



You need to do resistance training in order to build muscle and strong bones.

Varying your exercises remains the best way to stay lean and healthy. You must do some longer regular exercises to build cardiovascular endurance, lots of calories and even burn fat during exercise. So exercise efficiently on regular basis.


Eat moderately! Stop counting fat calories and look at how much food is on your plate. Remember to eat nutritious meals that are natural and unprocessed.


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