Lomography...A Hobby You Want to Take Up..!!

Posted by creativegadgets on January 14th, 2013

Lomography is nothing but the art of creative and experimental photography, which originated in the early 1990’s and has become a fad now. In lay man’s language, Lomography refers to the capturing of pictures with vibrant colours that have deep saturation and are framed with vignettes. The pictures are typically amplified, with enhanced details. The objects clearly stand out making the picture speak for itself. The pictures are characterised by light-leaks, blurs, and a completely different balance contrast and saturation. Lomography doesn’t follow the protocol of normal photography and yet manage to create a certain magic.

Lomography is essentially an analogue film photography and cannot be executed by the modern day digital cameras. Technically, equipped with wide angle lenses and film for imprinting of pictures, Lomography cameras are extremely practical and user friendly. They work well even with novices. These cameras are inexpensive, which makes it easy for people to buy them. For people, who are bent on trendy looks, these cameras prove to be a boon. They are attractive themselves and are capable of making the person carrying them look gorgeous.

One can easily get to choose from a range of various Lomographic cameras online with these interesting devices. Lomo Diana F+ Buttercup, Lomo Diana F+ & Flash – Metropolis are some of the recent and most sought after lomo cameras. Lomo La Sardina& Flash DIY Edition is one of the most popular cameras in the UK.It has been seen that the female population is a die-hard fan of some chic models such as the Lomo Diana Baby 110 Camera, Lomo La Sardina Beluga, Lomo Diana CMYK. These cameras cost between £40 to £300, depending on the model and specifications but are much cheaper than digital cameras.

There are various accessories available for such cameras like the detachable lenses, the camera case, case for keeping the lens etc. Any store, which deals in selling the cameras will offer the accessories for sale, as well.

Since Lomography needs no peculiar skills, anyone can take it up as a hobby and make the most out of it. This is the reason why Lomography in the UK is rapidly gaining popularity, because of the sheer excitement hidden in the art. If you want to take up some good leisure activity, all you need to do is to buy one such camera from any online gadget store and get started.

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