Android App Development Basics and the Requirements of an Android Apps Developer

Posted by adairsawyer on January 15th, 2013

Android is a popular operating system used in smart phones and it has become a competitor to Apple iOS. Also, many users of Android have started using mobile applications to execute mane different tasks with the help of Android based smart phones. Since such smart phones are available in the market at reasonable prices the users of Android apps have gone up in number. Due to this reason Android app development also has become more widespread. Unlike with iPhone apps an Android app developer could use a computer running on one of the three operating systems of Windows, Linux or Mac. Also he has the possibility of selling his app through a few channels.

Since its first release in 2007 Android operating system is getting more and more popular as it is a user friendly one that is mainly used on touch screen devices. This popularity is also one of the reasons for the increase of Android app development projects. Not only individual developers but also companies that develop Android apps have become common place these days. In case you are an experienced Android app developer you could make money by developing applications for others as there is a good demand for these apps.

In order to become an Android app developer you never need a lot of resources either. The only thing you need for developing android apps is the Android SDK which could be downloaded free of charge. It is an open source software bundle that has all the required tools necessary for Android app development. Once you download the necessary software and install it in a separate directory you only need time to write the code. In order to develop a useful Android app it is necessary to spend a few days at your computer. To test the app also you never need an actual Android device. Instead, you could use Android Emulator that comes with the software bundle.

Since Android app development needs special skills everyone is not able to do it. Therefore, if you want an app developed to use for a certain task you could outsource an Android app developer.  In order to get the app you need developed you could seek his help. When you explain him what you want he will write the script, test it and will hand it over in a few days. You only need to make the payment agreed upon. However, it must be remembered that finishing such a project may take a few days as an average app may need very high number of lines of script.

Most of today’s businesses use Android apps in order to do their business activities more efficiently and on time. These applications are developed by app developing companies that are hired by business owners. Therefore, in case you have a bright idea on an app that could help enhance the profitability of your business you never need to hesitate. Go straight to an Android app developer and get the job done. It is the easier way to have an Android app.

Since there are lots of Android app development companies it is not a difficult task to find an Android app developer. When you find one it is a case of explaining him what to do when you want an Android app developed.

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