A ruby ring is a special ring indeed

Posted by vijayvinson on January 19th, 2013

Rubies are special stones that are sourced in many countries in the world. However, the total number of rubies that are mined worldwide is way less than what the world demands. This is what makes this gemstone so special. No woman will say no to a ruby ring because of the rarity of this stone. And jewellers also ensure that they make the best looking ruby rings for women, thus alluring them and making them crave for these rings.

Ruby is a variety of aluminium oxide and is available in different shades of red. The best rubies are mined in Burma. The colour of the rubies mined in Burma is called pigeon blood red. However, the amount of rubies being sourced out of Burma has declined perceptibly in the last few years. Rubies are also mined in some other countries but that pigeon blood red colour is rarely available. Hence, jewellers have to make do with pink rubies and rubies with other shades of red. Unlike some of the other gemstones the prices of rubies are determined by their colour. Needless to say, the rubies mined in Burma are the most precious ones. Ruby rings for women made with Burma rubies are rare and very expensive. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t get any other ruby ring. There are plenty of ruby rings available for you to choose from.

Ruby rings can be excellent gifts, especially for women. Rubies have great association with roses and red wines. A perfect gift combination can be a ruby ring with a bottle of red wine and a bouquet of red roses. No woman can stay normal when you gift them something like this. Rubies have been used as great gifts through the ages and their value has not diminished even one bit even now. In fact, the fact that authentic rubies have become so rare makes them all the more valuable and cherished.

While the rarity of rubies makes them so special it is also their unique red colour that makes them different from other gemstones. The only problem is that sometimes pink gemstones, that are pink sapphires to be exact, are passed on as rubies. This is one point about ruby rings for women that you need to be aware of. Until you are not 100% sure that what you are planning to buy is an authentic ruby ring you should never go ahead and make the purchase.

Before you buy a ruby ring it is worthwhile spending time researching them. The easiest way to find out about the best ruby rings for women is to go online. Most modern jewellers in the UK have their websites today. They use these websites for showcasing their items of jewellery and also sell rings and other pieces of jewellery online. Spend some time on these websites and you will know what to buy. Ensure that you only buy from a reliable jeweller so that there is no doubt in your mind about the authenticity of the ruby gemstone rings.

A ruby ring is a special ring due to many reasons. Look at the best ruby rings for women online so that you can make the best choice.

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