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Posted by adairsawyer on January 19th, 2013

Keeping in view the popularity of IDX MLS solutions, most of the providers are now providing mobile IDX solutions. However, most of the realtors are still unaware that how to integrate these IDX MLS solutions on their websites. There seem to be very few options regarding how to integrate the mobile MLS solutions on a real estate website. Graphic Text Link is one of the options. This is the most popular method of integrating the mobile IDX solutions on your website, and in this method you just simply add a graphic text link, which allows visitors to click that link and view the mobile search. It is always a great idea to create a web page which includes the benefits of a mobile friendly IDX, and how to find access to this type of IDX. This way, you are giving the choice to the visitor whether he uses the normal IDX on your website or a mobile friendly IDX system.

Another popular method of mobile MLS solutions are Redirect Script on the Whole Website. In this case, you have to include the redirect script on every page of your website which detects automatically if the visitor is using any kind of mobile device. If the visitor is using a mobile device, they will be redirected to the mobile version of your IDX system. Many people think that this is the ideal solution, however, one of the main drawbacks of this option is if the visitor wants to use the normal IDX, he is unable to switch. In other words this is the least flexible method for the visitors.

Another MLS solutions is called ‘redirect Script on IDX Pages’. In this method, instead of adding the redirect script on every page of your website, you just include the redirect script on just IDX pages. In this method when a visitor opens your website from any mobile device, he will see your normal website, but whenever he clicks on the IDX pages, he will automatically be redirected towards the mobile IDX. This is a more flexible method as it allows the visitors to see your normal website, and also allow them to see a mobile friendly IDX whenever they try to search the properties.

Customized Solution, as the name suggests, this method provides you the most customized solution of mobile MLS solutions. This is the most user friendly option as in this method, users have complete control what he want to see. However, this can be time consuming and costly method of integrating your website with a mobile IDX. In this method, all the visitors will be redirected towards a web page on which they can see the option whether they like to view the normal website or mobile friendly IDX. The visitor has to make the selection first time, and then it is stored in their preferences, and next time they automatically directed towards the same version of your IDX system. You can also provide the links through which the users can switch between the normal version and mobile MLS solutions during they visit your website.

You may to learn more on MLS solutions and how it benefits your real estate website. Knowing more on mobile IDX assist individuals to succeed in real estate world.

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