Consider other gemstone rings apart from just ruby rings

Posted by SharonEvans on January 21st, 2013

Diamond continues to be the most popular gemstone for making jewellery and it will not lose its top spot in the near future. Ruby, until recently occupied the second spot but it has now fallen down the order. The reason for this is due to the rarity of the stone. The perfect pigeon blood red rubies are very rarely available now. Hence, ruby rings, although they are still the most coveted rings, are sold less because of the rarity of the stones. Other gemstone rings are now becoming more and more popular because of their availability as well as for their price.

Emerald gemstone rings have now become the second most popular rings after diamond rings. This indeed comes as a surprise because emeralds are also quite rare. However, people continue to prefer these rings because of the enigma associated with these stones. Emeralds can sometimes be more expensive than diamonds and hence they are so sought after.

Following the same logic ruby rings should also have been as popular as emerald rings. Rubies are also fantastic gemstones and they are at the top of the pile along with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. However, the best quality rubies are hard to find and can only be bought for rather expensive prices. This is not to say that there are no ruby rings to find that cost less. If you look at jewellery websites you will find many options. It is just that you will need to look tad closely.

Now for the other gemstone rings – these rings are much less expensive while they make great pieces of jewellery. The varying colours of these gemstones make them perfect for casting on gold, silver and platinum.

What are the most popular gemstones that are used today? Aquamarine seems to be the most sought after gemstone at the moment. The pale blue-green colour combination of this stone makes it very likeable for most women. And of course, the relatively lower cost of this stone makes it accessible to most. Along with aquamarine the other very popular gemstone is tourmaline. Tourmaline has become popular in the last decade or so. The vibrant colours of the stone and the fire inside these stones make these perfect for gemstone rings.

The other popular gemstones that have gained in popularity now are opals, garnets and topazes. Opals are available in virtually all colours – from the lightest shades to the darkest shades. Garnets have this muddy red colour that makes them so different from all the other gemstones that you get to see. Topazes were not very popular once upon a time because they were only available in the golden brown colour. But these days they are available in other colours like green, red, blue and white and their popularity has soared.

Yes, ruby rings are special and you cannot compare their greatness with other gemstone rings. But the best ruby rings can be very expensive at times. Hence, you may want to look at the other options available.

While ruby rings are still among the most coveted rings there are other gemstone rings that are becoming more and more popular.

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