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Posted by mega888downloader on June 19th, 2020

Who amongst us have not heard of MEGA888? As of 2020, they have successfully become the most reputable online software provider in the market. This is due to the fact that continues to churn out some of the greatest games online, all with a level of consistency in quality unheard of anywhere else in the industry. Out of all the online software providers out there, Mega888 is among the first group of online software providers which have seemed to figure out the formula to create flawless games curated to all sorts of gamers out there. We would like to know what it is, but we assume it is a trade secret unable to be shared with the public, so for now we are content with just playing all these great games on our hands. 

When we heard that Mega888 had partnered up with one of our most favorite online casinos of all time that is SCR888, we were ecstatic. Two of the strongest online creators joining forces is certainly worthy of a massive celebration. All of Mega888’s amazing slot games and top quality fishing games plus all sorts of other unique live table experiences are now available for SCR888 players to play, you better believe it! 

Now, we have checked out all of the MEGA888’s games, and it is such a wonderful experience. All of Mega888’s creations constantly amaze us, and they have climbed their way in our hearts into our top favorite online software provider of all time, they are just as good as everyone has been saying. After some discussion, we have settled on a ranked list of Mega888 slot games on SCR888. Without further ado, here it is:

5. Five Fortune

Nothing too outstanding about this but we do love the golden tint, it is, after all, the chinese’s favorite color as it is said to bring good fortune, which fits the theme of the game very well.

4. 7 Crazy

The visual design is average because it only features numbers and simple diagrams, but nothing beats the smoothness of the gameplay. Sometimes you do not need fancy pictures to attract the crowd, all you need is some good lubricant in the gears for a unique yet simple gameplay experience.

3. 8-ball shot

Snooker and Pool themed slot game, the design is consistent but we are rather dissatisfied with the size of the screen. It is too small and a burden to the eyes to play for a long period of time.

2. African Wildlife

This is a downright fun game that features cute animals and great sound design. It is almost magical how such simple design and yield such a massive entertainment value. We are not particularly fond of animals, yet this game managed to hook us in immediately with great art and design.


This is our favorite slot game provided by Mega888 because there is something magnetic and mythical about its design. It possesses a mysterious vibe that keeps the player motivated to keep on playing. This game is based on the Aztec civilization and it is extremely addictive to play.

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