Things to know about ear cropping and spaying

Posted by GiulyRotarry on January 22nd, 2013

Everyone wants to have a pure breed dog. At least most people who own dogs do. This is the main thing you should be interested in if your intentions are to participate in different types of dog competitions. This is why you may need to know the reasons why some people who own different types of breeds choose ear cropping procedures. Another topic of discussion will be the spaying dogs’ procedure and all the things that come with it. If you are really interested about that you should read the following rows of this article.

There are many people who may consider that ear cropping procedure is a very drastic measure and an unnecessary pain for your dog. The specialized breeders who are raising and training dogs so they can participate with them at different competitions, thinks otherwise. For certain breeds this is more than necessary so they can look just as the breed standards. These breeds are Boxers, Pit Bulls, schnauzers and many others like the ones mentioned above. Usually these breeds are also considered to be aggressive breeds and they were raised in the past for fighting competitions, which is no longer the case these days or at least it should not be the case anymore.

Now, it may be the perfect time to discuss about the ear cropping procedure which is indeed a very painful and delicate procedure. It should not be done in other place but the veterinary office by a very skilled doctor who has much of experience in this type of activity. First, when you want to make this procedure to your dog, you must assure yourself that he has the proper age. Ear cropping procedure can be done only when he is a puppy and he didn’t overcome 12 weeks years old. There is much bleeding involved and many other risks as in any other type of surgery and because of that there are some safety measures you must consider. Te stomach of the dog must be quite empty before the surgery takes place so vomiting symptoms won’t kill your dog during the procedure.

The other topic of discussion is the spaying dogs’ procedure. Unlike the procedure mentioned before, this procedure is very important especially if you have a female dog. It must be done at very early ages of the dog as well, but not too early. Why it is so good to submit your dog at this type of procedure? The main problem that should be eliminated is filling your home with puppies each time she passes through here heat period. Another reason, which is more important than anything is to spare your dog of different health affections which can be even fatal ones.

A female dog is much more exposed to diseases like breast cancer, ovarian cancer or other types of cancer that can’t be diagnosed with ease. This is why the spaying dog procedure can help both you and your dog avoid these types of problems. This procedure must be done by a very experienced doctor who will also tell you all the things you must do before and after the procedure is done. There are things like a special diet and physical exercises that must be done so the puppy won’t suffer in any way. The spaying dog procedure is very important but this doesn’t mean that it is not a delicate one as well.

In conclusion, if you want to have a healthy dog it will be a very good idea to request spaying dog procedure from your vet. Also you should remember that ear cropping procedure should be done by specialist in the best conditions possible and at very early ages.

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