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What Are The Key Differences Between American and British English?

Posted by thomasgrant on June 19th, 2020

According to professional assignment writers in the UK, most students are unaware of the difference between American and British English. The British had introduced the language to the Americas when the former reached the lands within the 16th and 17th centuries. Now there are some significant differences in both languages. Mixing up the two can lead to loss of valuable marks. So, here are the important differences between American and British English.  

Vocabulary Differences

Here are some words that have different names, but they mean the same thing. International students may need some time to get the hang of these differences. You can hire an assignment expert until then.

  1. Trousers- British English

Pants- American English

  1. Flat- British English

Apartment- American English

  1. Bonnet- British English

Hood- American English

  1. Lorry- British English

Truck- American English

Sounds confusing? You can also consult with the best British assignment writers to understand the difference between these two conventions.

Spelling differences

Most students end up losing valuable marks because of incorrect spellings in their papers. The spellings are usually incorrect as per the standard conventions followed by that university. Here are some of the most common spelling differences between American and British English.

  1. British English- -oe-/-ae- (e.g. anaemia, diarrhoea, encyclopaedia)

American English- -e- (e.g. anemia, diarrhea, encyclopedia)

  1. British English- -t (e.g. burnt, dreamt, leapt)

American English- -ed (e.g. burned, dreamed, leapt)

  1. British English- -ence (e.g. defence, offence, licence)

American English- -ense (defense, offense, license)

  1. British English- -ise (e.g. appetiser, familiarise, organise)

American English- -ize (e.g. appetizer, familiarize, organize)

Read as much as you can. You'll notice the differences between both the conventions. Remember these differences while writing your assignment.

Grammar Differences

Whether you are talking or writing your assignments, make sure you use the grammar according to the standard convention. Here are some significant grammar differences between British English and American English.

  1. British English

Collective nouns can be singular or plural. Example- The band are playing.

American English

Collective nouns are always singular. Example- The band is playing.

  1. British English

Most of the sentences tend to use formal speech. Example- shall.

American English

Americans favour informal speech. Example- should or will.

  1. British English

British have dropped the idea of using ‘gotten.’ They use ‘got’ instead.

American English

Americans continue using ‘gotten’ as the past participle of ‘get.’

  1. British English

‘Needn’t’ is used in British English often.

American English

Americans tend to use ‘don’t need to’ instead.

Keep these grammar differences in mind and you will be able to write the perfect assignment. You can also keep a cheat sheet where you can write the major differences. Refer to them whenever you forget a particular rule.

The best thing about both conventions is that they have more similarities than the differences. Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t memorise the differences. Read books and consult with your professors if required.

About Author: Thomas Grant is a content writer at a reputed firm in the United Kingdom. He is also one of the assignment writers in the UKat Thomas Grant to read and paint whenever he is free.

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