Office furniture trends in 2020

Posted by bc29123 on June 19th, 2020

Office furniture trends in 2020
Last year we saw the increase of the use of green areas within office design. This involves using more plants within the workspace, having been known to improve mood and activity. It also adds a more natural vibe to the work area which can often feel very formal. This green approach can be taken by having allocated plant areas with seating for work breaks, or incorporating smaller plants into work spaces like desks. Another contemporary option is to create an outdoor garden, if your office space allows this.
Quiet, private areas are also continuing to become popular. These small allocated zones allow employees to sit out of noisier work areas which sometimes occurs in open offices which are on the downfall in terms of popularity due to this. These quiet zones allow users to work in peace for periods of time, without compromising on space. These can be created with acoustic furniture, within corners of rooms or build small individual pods or booths.
With the ever developing technology within the workplace sector, there are always new options of businesses. This includes the likes of wireless charging for computers, phones and other work devices. It can also be used to monitor desk availability or create bookings for meeting rooms and private working areas. Technology can be integrated with furniture with the use of height adjusting desks to allow flexible working and improve employee’s physical wellbeing. These can also be used with apps which encourage users to stand up more.
To make offices and workspaces more comfortable, many businesses are opting for more homely touches. This means swapping out more commercial pieces of furniture such as chairs, for more comfortable sofas in social areas for breaks. There has been a trend for more vintage looking furniture to add more character to the work place. This also includes more decorations to keep the area more visually stimulating such as pictures, ornaments, plants and more, all to create a less formal atmosphere and increase comfort.
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