Remote Support Is the Way Forward

Posted by SharonEvans on January 24th, 2013

Remote support is a generic term that covers any kind of computer support fix done from a remote location and is not just limited to problems related to desktop sharing, transfer of files and access to programs. It is mainly the ability to provide any kind of technical support to clients without requiring to being physically present at the premises of the clients to fix computer problems. Remote support has some privacy concerns that need to be addressed as in some case it grants permission to attend to repairs even when the computer owner is not in close vicinity of his systems. Despite limitations, remote support has become very popular in the field of IT overcoming the security hurdles, which was the prime concern raised with the innovation of technology.

Saves not just time but also money

The concept of remote support has led to massive cost reductions by obliterating the need of not just a help desk but also all expenses related with transport and conveyance. These services are so advanced that a clients feels they have an expert by their side providing technical support and not hundreds of miles away. With this technology you can also use live chat to explain the problem and the solution to the client in real time.

Remote support is fast and yet inexpensive

If you have a network of computers at your premises that are being used by your employees and you face problems related to configuration every now and then, remote support and assistance is just what the computer doctor ordered for you. If you compare the convenience and speed of assistance with what you got from the local IT expert earlier, you will find that you are never left in the lurch no matter if it happens to be weekend, holidays or even the odd hours of the day. This form of assistance is also lightning fast and really saves not just time, but also productivity the way it resolves technical problems in very short time periods.

Imagine being in your office sitting over the computer monitor not able to solve the technical glitch that takes place suddenly in the middle of a busy day. This is where the concept of remote access and support comes in handy allowing you to get help easily and efficiently when you need it the most.

Microsoft made us a protocol called RDP to help people using Windows based operating systems to have an interface while interacting with another computer.  In fact, starting with Windows XP, the company has been providing remote desktop protocol called RDP to the users to give them the liberty to remotely access their monitors.

RDP allows a user to connect to a PC that is far away and not just look at the screen but search and open documents just like a real PC. This means there is no need for a person to be physically present to work with the information present in a PC as all tasks, whether day to day or troubleshooting can now be performed without any hassles making use of RDP. Communicating with clients and providing a quick, flexible solution to their problems has today become easy and very cost effective with the help of RDP.

Remote desktop Protocol or RDP is used even without the engineer being physically present to repair your PC to perform remote support. All of this to improve productivity.

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