Makeup brushes: the secret of applying makeup

Posted by sophiamilller on January 24th, 2013

Nowadays there is such a wide variety of makeup that women can transform themselves in a very short period of time. Lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, mascara, nail polish, lotion and I can go on an on. Although you have tried lots of products, you never really obtained a desired look. Some think that the composition of the makeup used is not right, but the majority of makeup artists blame the user’s ignorance in applying it. If you want to obtain the perfect look you always wanted, makeup brushes are the right way to go.

Fingers and sponges are two wrong ways of applying makeup. If you want to obtain a much better look, the right makeup brushes can be even more important than the actual makeup used. It is highly recommended that you choose the correct brush for the makeup you use. There are several types of brushes that can leave some bewildered when they want to choose one. We will now enumerate each type of brushes for makeup.

First, we shall start with the foundation brush. As you thought, you should use this brush only after washing your face to make sure you apply the foundation properly. Makeup artists think that this is the most important brush, and that every woman should have one in their makeup kit. The foundation brush has long flat fibers which can create a perfect finish. Then we have the powder brush that has the primary function of dusting the makeup powder evenly on the skin. These brushes are usually flat with rounded edges.

Eyeshadow brushes are usually smaller than others and have several shapes and sizes. These brushes can be either pointy or angled and are designed this way so that you can line in the eyes easier. Blunt brushes are another kind of Eyeshadow brush that comes in handy when coloring the eyelids. There are also two types of blunt brushes, one with an angled edge, also named “the bronzer”, whereas the other one has a round edge.

If this is one of the first articles you read about makeup brushes, you probably are not familiar with the Kabuki brush. These makeup brushes have a short handle and many fibers tightly packed on a circular base. The short handle favorites the buffing of powder into the skin and the tightly packed fibers offer more coverage. If you want to hide skin flaws, then you have to use the concealer brush. These types of makeup brushes can be used to hide a birthmark, bruise, freckle or any other skin flaw; one can also use it to lighten under eye shadows.

The construction of such a brush is pretty simple, but revolutionary; a full and small brush that has an acute head which can store and buff the concealer on wanted areas without spreading stuff where you don’t require it.

Have an important event in which you have to look spotless? Do you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror because you're not happy with the outcome of applying your makeup? Then makeup brushes are a much better choice. There are a lot of brushes for makeup; you have to be very careful when using one.

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