Different Type of Mailing Equipments

Posted by Europeanpostalsystems on January 25th, 2013

Mailing equipment reduces mailing time and is a cost effective investment options for both big and small offices. There are different types of mailing tools in any office, and some of these are franking machines, letter openers, mail scales, envelop folding machines, and mailing accessories.

Franking machines

These are popular office mailing equipment that can print company address, receiver address, and company logo on a document to be mailed and stamp it within seconds. Some franking machines turn out more than a hundred and twenty letters every minute. They are fitted with date shifters, alterable franking values and tariff calculators. These are very much in use, in postal departments, which need franking done every day and every minute. There is both low- value and high value franking machines available. Digital franking machines are password locked separately for different users.

Envelop folding and paper inserting machines

Envelop making takes a lot of time. It is not possible to manually fold envelops and put letters in them for everyday office use. Hence, envelop folding inserting machines are regularly used. These can create over three to four thousand envelops in an hour and fold letters, brochures, sales invoices, bank cheques, mails, cards and other documents efficiently. These machines are equipped to handle thick paper and can be adjusted for multiple folding and inserting parameters. They can come with up to 4 paper feeding stations.

Letter Openers

Mailing systems do not only include sending letters and flyers. It also includes receiving mails and reading letters. Letter opener is suitable for this purpose, and a simple switch is enough to slice open envelops at accurate margins so that the contents are not destroyed. Some of the finest letter openers can open more than 200 letters per minute.

Mailing scales

Measuring letter stacks is another tedious job and is taken care of by postage scales. These measure mail quantity, dimensions and weight. These can measure up to 30 kilos of mail. Some of the advanced scales are fitted with touch sensitive keypads, courier service rates and separate weighing trays.

All these form an automated mail management system for any office. These are helpful in reducing the mailing cycle and can be obtained from leading UK websites selling mailing equipment.

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