Franking Machines and it?s Benefit

Posted by Europeanpostalsystems on January 25th, 2013

Franking machines are used in both big and small offices. They offer the user a lot of savings in terms of time and money since they perform repetitive tasks quickly with least human interference. Postal departments have a tough time sorting, stamping, and post marking letters, envelops, forms and all mails in general. The work is significantly lessened when high quality franking machines are used by postal employees. An office level franking machine can perform more than 10, 000 franking per hour and give mails a polished appearance.

Benefits of franking machines

There are many types of franking machines with varying degrees of functions and features. For mid sized organizations, a machine, which can prepare around 3 to 5 thousand documents in an hour, should be sufficient. There are offices which need faster procedures, and for them, there are franking machines that turn out more than a hundred letters in a minute. Besides, a single round of franking prints company logo, receivers and sender’s addresses, envelops the letters and seal mail. There are office tools, which could be linked to these machines for faster mail dispatch and cost efficiency.

Online stores selling franking machines offer the opportunity to refinance your equipment as and when needed over their website. You save up on a lot of cash otherwise spent in separately packing, stamping and dispatching letters. There are franking machines, which are pre set with commonly used messages, slogans and phrases, and these are printed on the documents. Electronic and hand operated machines take a lot of load off daily mail management in offices, especially mail focused centers like the post office. They can be linked to other mail equipment like letter opener, mail scales, envelop inserters, letter folding machines, printers and computers

You can buy some of the most popular franking machines from reputed online stores. Mailing equipment websites are the best places to browse and select machine models that suit office needs. Apart from black and white machines, there are those which offer color prints and come with automated paper feeders, inbuilt and expandable scales and programmable values. To get cost effective, durable franking machines in the UK, visit the website of a franking machine supplier today.

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