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SIX Advantages of Paperless Accounting Firm

Posted by DoshiOutsourcing on June 20th, 2020

If you own an accounting firm or work with an accounts outsourcing company, you can understand that running out of paper for an accounting firm is a very challenging task as in an accounting firm, where the final accounts were made, the customer needs to share their information of accounts with the accounts outsourcing company, this information may contain sales and purchase invoices, business details, P&L details, income, and expense details, as well as company bank details, and this information is very personal and the outsourced accountant works on it and provides the final result in the form of final accounts. Now, what about the documents that you provided to the accounts outsourcing company as raw data to complete the accounts? Definitely, after some time, they need to discard them, and for this, the accounts outsourcing company needs to pay a huge amount, as it is not easy to discard the large number of papers that contain very confidential information.


Also, accounts outsourcing companies need to spend a lot of time managing documents; they need to pay a higher labor force to keep the documents in a certain location and save them from various natural disasters. Providing paperless office for accountants can solve the problem of accounts outsourcing companies, as there are many advantages of the paperless office that helps the outsourced accountant in several ways, such as:


  1. Maximum output in minimum time: if you ask an accountant how long it takes to find out the previous year's information in a file and check or combine the information with the current year's file, definitely there will be a huge time difference between the files. paper documents and digital documents, as he needs to discover the file and match the records to the current year, including going to the storage location to search the files in the cupboards, finding the right file with the right year and matching the year current data, then put it back in its storage location and go to its place, while, digitally, it is more convenient to search and check the records which take less time that can be used to improve efficiency and production.

  2. Cost-effective: In any accounting firm, there are a lot of roles that need to be managed properly and that management requires an appropriate location, overhead costs to keep records and time. By opting for the paperless system, an accounts outsourcing company can reduce all these expenses, including the costs of printing, ink, paper, stationery, etc. Besides, space can be used to further expand services.3.

  3. Accessibility: If an accounts outsourcing company runs out of paper and they keep their data in digital form, they can assign accessibility to a few authentic people just so that the Client's Confidentiality remains secure.

  4. Security: Digitally, we can protect our data by updating our system, software and installing the latest antivirus systems, and we can relax while in the paper document it is necessary to keep them in files, cabinets, stores and which can be stolen or lost by fire, by the rat, insects, etc.

  5. Remote work: The most attractive feature that a paperless job is providing is that you can access the documents from anywhere at any time, if one is not available at your workplace, they will also be able to access your data and work will not suffer.

  6. Environment friendly: The last, but not least, to infect the very important advantage of the paperless office for the accounting firm is that it is environment friendly. 24 trees are needed to produce a ton of standard office paper, which is quite large. After all, it is a social responsibility to contribute to the environment, turning green and saving the environment, these small steps can make a big difference.

Conclusion: After studying all these points of running out of paper, we can conclude there are various advantages of a paperless office. If there is a paperless office for accountants, they can perform much better and it is a broad way to decrease the cost and increase the efficiency of the accounts outsourcing company. Account management, although it is not an overnight process, it takes time and planning, but after implementing the paperless accounting culture, the accounts outsourcing company can take advantage of the benefits of digitization and perform more effectively.

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