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Posted by Johny Dean on January 26th, 2013

Have you wondered why many teachers encourage you to take children to dance schools or actually introduce dance classes in preschool? This is because there are quite a number of benefits that come when you introduce your children to dance and drama at an early age. You may not know it but there very many changes that occur in children when you give them this opportunity. Drama schools in Essex are a great way to give a head start to your children’s life. These are the reasons why. Confidence: Dance schools always involve a lot of standing and performing in front of an audience. Students are required to participate and this builds a lot of courage in them. If you really support your child to take part in this, it will actually grow them in a first-class way and mould values in them that are essential. When it comes to drama schools in Essex, the same is required in that they participate in dramatic scenes or monologues in front of fellow classmates and their teachers which are presented for praise or critique. It will teach your child how to take criticism positively; which is a great trait to have in day to day life. Empathy: When taking classes in dance schools, children are supposed to tell a story through dance in a sense taking up characters. This means that the children learn how to relate to the characters which have been presented to them to portray. This is a great value to instil in children because they will learn not to be selfish. They will learn to put themselves in other peoples shoes hence know how to empathise. This goes for drama too. When you consider drama schools in Essex, your children will grow tremendously since drama requires that they take up roles when they are acting. It may be on stage but will be translated to personal life as well. Communication: Many people think that dance is just moving your body around. Well when you look up dance schools for your children, you will learn otherwise. This is because dance says a lot with the right choreography. Emotions are what are mainly communicated in dancing. When they take up a dance routine that has a story behind it, they communicate what it is all about to the audience. This is the very same when it comes to drama. Children take up characters and usually speak their emotions. This is a very good way to help children verbalize what they are feeling. Drama schools in Essex are good places for parents to consider. There are so many other values that children attain from drama and dance schools such as discipline, self esteem and proper emotional release. Many parents do not know this but it is the truth behind giving your child a chance to take up performing arts. You never know, it could be what you child would want to peruse in future. Be an encouragement to them! Go ahead and prepare your children by taking them to dance schools or drama schools in Essex all for the best results.

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